That One Time...

Remember that one time I took a one month blogging break on accident? 

I say accident because I didn't mean to take a break, it just happened. Things got busy with school and with Jack - I didn't feel like going down to the basement and writing. When Jack went to the bed playing Candy Crush or hanging out with my husband seemed more appealing. 

The truth? I have a list of posts that I want to write, a list of things on my mind that I'm ready to share. 

The problem? I need to redefine what this space means to me. It started as a way to feel connected to the world while I muddled through stay-at-home-motherhood with a new baby in a new town with no friends... Now, it's still a place I treasure, but not one that I have time for in the way I used to. 

The solution? A new look and a new philosophy. It's simple really - this place is about marriage, motherhood, and my perspective on it all. I hope you will continue to follow along. It may not be 5 days a week (or even 3) but it will be real and honest and me.

Keep an eye out for our new look... coming soon! 

1 comment:

Ashleigh said...

I like how you make it real & honest! I agree I do not think it matters how many days a week you blog as long as you are real & honest with your life & what its about at the current time & place :)