An Irrational Parenting Fear.

I'm assuming it's a relatively normal thing as a parent to feel like your child is beautiful.
I may be biased, but I really do think Jack is an EXCEPTIONALLY cute baby. 
It cannot be denied.
But I have a confession to make. 
I REALLY really did not want him to get teeth. 
I mean, once he started teething... I wanted those suckers out
Just for the sake of mine and Bubba's sanity
Homeboy was GRUMPY.
But in general, I didn't want him to have teeth.
I was scared it would ruin everything.
And by everything, I mean his adorableness.
This is extremely vain, I know.
But I felt like teeth would take him from adorable little baby to Chucky in zero point two seconds.
So the bottom ones poked through.
I was nervous.
But really - they weren't so bad! 
They were cute even...
Then - the top two started poking out.
I had fear in my heart.
Here comes Chucky!

But, ALAS! I think Bubba is EVEN CUTER (is that possible?!) 
Okay, maybe just to me. 
I love those little teeth and the personality that has come along with them.
I love that Bubba grins from ear to ear showing off those pearly whites.
I love that he has the freedom to eat new and different foods because he has those teeth. 
In all seriousness, I am grateful that he is a happy healthy little boy.
But am I the only parent in the world that feared their child would be LESS cute with teeth?
Anyone else have vain, irrational parenting fears?! 
Just me? Okay... just keep a lookout for us on Toddlers and Tiaras in 3 years.
Bubba will be the one in the bedazzled tuxedo.. with flippers in :)
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Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

That's hilarious because I didn't want Ben to get teeth either for that very same reason! Now I think the bottom two are freaking adorable, but I'm still worried for when the top.ones come in! Fingers crossed... ;-)

Erin said...

Kay, your sense of humor is really shining through on the blog and I find my self LOL-ing at nearly every post. Keep up the good work.

xo, e.

Melissa said...

He is absolutely adorable... I love it when little ones get there first few teeth :)

I'm not a parent yet but I can only imagine the fears that I will have... eek!

Have a wonderful weekend!

<3 Melissa

The Framed Lady said...

How funny! I think toothless smiles are the cutest things. I can understand the fear of your child growing teeth.

Laura said...

I love when they get little baby teeth,. He really is a cutie!

Rachel said...

I think little tiny baby teeth are adorable! Except when they bite you, that's the only bad part.

Mom of A and a said...

Hi, thank you for linking up to the Mommy Brain Mixer! ahahaha...that's so cute! And, he looks adorable with his cute, toothy smile!!

Crystal Green said...

I think he's adorable. My son when his real teeth started coming in, I kept saying he reminded me of bugs bunny. My husband would get so mad at me, but he did!!! My husband later told me that was because he had the same problem when he grew up that his teeth gave him the "bugs bunny" look too.

Karen @ BakingInATornado said...

Here's another downside to those teeth: as they grow they use them to eat more and more and more and more food till your grocery bill doubles and triples and quadruples...
Here from the Mixer. Joined you as a follower. http://BakingInATornado.blogspot.com

Lanajoseph@Baby Shower Party said...

We can't deny that we are biased when it comes to our kids.