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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the kind words/happy thoughts towards my grad school decision! 

No, the mailman did not deliver it today. Yes, I went cray, had a breakdown, and finally just CALLED admissions. I then waited for an e-mail version of an app decision... It took what seemed like ETERNITY but I finally got this:

Needless to say I feel blessed beyond belief! I am still in shock that I got accepted into BOTH schools that I applied to and mostly that I get to be a SPARTAN twice over :) Going back to MSU is honestly the BEST option for our family and John is thrilled (...and a little jealous) that I will be back on campus come fall :) 

I'm thinking a post on my career goals and WHY I am getting my MSW, what I plan to do with it, and how this whole dream came to be is in order! For now I am basking in PURE bliss - NO MORE WAITING :)

Bubba is excited too because Grandma gets to babysit twice a week!! Yay!!

Now- Onto business. Lets talk emeals.com. I first heard about this website from a post Molly did a week or so ago. I know that I have talked about meal planning and organized grocery lists before, and how important they are for time saving purposes. Well this website was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for and more! They give you a new meal plan each week from the grocery store of our choice. You can pick what kind of meal plan you want (low carb, organic, portion control) and for how many people (family size vs. for two!). This is beyond amazing. So often I find recipes from Pinterest or blogs that are for 6-10 people - this just ends up being wasteful in our home! Recipes MADE for two?! SIGN ME UP! And sign up I did. it cost around $21 for 3 months worth of meal plans for 2 at Whole Foods. Please and thank you! 

The meal plans come with 2 sheets:

1) The meals for the week with quick and easy directions... all on ONE page. 

2) Your grocery list! Organized by store section. There are even extra spaces for misc. items you may need and spaces to put check marks once you have the item! There are prices listed next to every item and the meal plans are tailored towards what coupons the stores are offering that week (Pretty much the definition of AMAZEBALLS). 

This is our first week using the plan and so far we are LOVING it. The recipes are delicious and so easy (or so my husband says... homegirl is taking a break from the kitchen these days). 

Now the site offers you the ability to look at last weeks plan as well as the current week. Therefore I already have a stockpile of 3 weeks worth of plans. This is awesome because after 3 months we are hoping to have a stockpile of recipes that we can just remake! BUT we took our grocery list with us to the store on Monday and it got trashed (I love to cross things off).. 

this got me thinking! Remember my treasured family recipe book?! Well it has extra room. I also have extra page protectors! I slipped both sheets (back to back) into one page protector. Leaving the meals/recipes on the front and the grocery lists on the back.

Now when I go to the store I can pop out the sheet that I need and cross things off with a dry erase marker.. leaving the grocery list good as new for next time I want to use it!
At some point I might buy a separate binder just for emeals, but for now this works (and keeps my kitchen less cluttered) I also want to get a little pouch to keep all of my Whole Foods coupons organized by their lists!)

Now excuse me as I go enjoy this tasty meal! It's ready to come out of the crock pot ANY minute :)




Clara said...

That is such a relief! I am the same way, waiting is torture! I can't wait to hear all about grad-school and your plans! And I know Bubba is happy that he gets some quality Grandma time! ;)

Danielle-Marie said...

Congratulations on your acceptance, and I may have to begin meal planning too. Hmm.

Amanda Marie said...

I just stumbled across your blog and see your're a fellow Michigan momma!! Our babies only a couple of months apart in age too! I am a crazy person when it comes to meal planning and lists and I've heard of emeals, but haven't talked to anyone who has used it personally. I'm definitely going to give it a try!

and congratulations on your acceptance!

Heather said...


Britt said...

Congrats my friend!! And you are making me hungry... and I'm on a diet... shame on you :)