So after Christmas my mom started getting on me about the amount of time I spend on my phone. I kind of shrugged it off, like, whatever (teenager moment). But then I started to pay attention. 

Was I still interacting with Jack? Making sure he was hitting all of his brilliant baby milestones? Yes and yes. But was I doing it all with my hand attached to my phone like it was a part of my body? Always. 

So then Ash Wednesday sort of just snuck up on me. The whole, "what are you giving up for Lent this year?" question started popping up and in my mind I was all, "whoa, chill, we still have a while to think about it." When it reality I had 2 days to think about it. 

I am the first to admit I got a little judgy about the whole giving up sweets and whatnot b.s. because I felt like so often people give things up for Lent that are really just ways for them to further their weight loss goals by slapping some "Jesus guilt" onto it. So I always have tried to think of something that isn't like that... this year, giving up social media was what was on my heart. I got scared. I tried to think of something else. But I couldn't, because I knew my fear of giving it up was just my addiction talking. 

So I thought about it more, got my sister on board, and made it final. Goodbye Instagram and Twitter for 40 days (minus Sundays). 

And it's real life. I have found myself using Facebook more than I have in 2 years. And honestly, I think it's because I am addicted to just CHECKING my phone. 
I miss the connection. I feel like I am missing out on things. Especially in terms of "blog world". Someone could announce a pregnancy, a birth, or an engagement and I AM MISSING IT! 

And then I have to think... how ridiculous. Yes, Instagram and Twitter are fun, they help you feel connected to people and are great for that! But to be addicted? I am annoyed with myself about this. 

So I got judgy, but then I had to realize that my giving up of social media is no more noble than giving up ice cream. I am still trying to make myself better with God in mind. It was just another reminder to leave the judging to the big guy... 

SO one week down... how I will survive - it is still unknown! 

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One & A Half More Days....

Until I get to see this classy lady:
 We're gonna bestie happy dance our way through the weekend. 
I've been really spoiled with sister time lately. Did I mention our girls trip (plus Jack) is in a week?! 
Oh. My. Heaven. 
How lucky am I that my best friends just happen to be family?!
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Tids & Bits & A Harlem Shake

I'm having a really hard time fitting blogging into my schedule this semester! Which is kind of annoying. 

Just a few tids & bits:

+Welcome to all of my new readers! 

+John and I were at the MSU basketball game last week, where we smoked UofM, and every bit of it was amazing - The Breslin Center was like a magical land of Spartan love and it was so loud and crazy that the whole night is a blur! (The whole blurry thing is totally not because I had two beers beforehand...)
I was reminded again why I really really love that I met my husband at MSU - sharing that intense pride for green & white is something we will have in common for the rest of our lives! If all else fails, we will always have Sparty! 
+I spent this past weekend in Indy celebrating my gorgeous cousin at her bridal shower. It was hosted by my mother and 3 aunts. It was stunning.

 Antique wedding cake toppers, bell jars, and baby's breathe surrounded us in a beautiful old country club. There were handkerchiefs in shades of blue wrapped around boxes filled with homemade sugar cookies as favors, and wonderful company to boot! 
You can see all the details here. Which leads to another bit of news - My oldest sister, the one who encouraged me to start this blog, has begun a blog of her own! She's a professional writer with that hipster edge, living the newlywed life with her fancy husband in a new city! You will love her :) 

+While I was away, Jack and John had a father-son bonding weekend. I truly am so lucky to have a husband who is so hands on. I left worry free and came home to two happy boys. I missed them A LOT. However, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have a toddler free weekend to enjoy my cousins, sister, aunts, & mom! 
+Jack is 18 months old today. WTF? I should probably dedicate a post to all of his recent developments, growths, and milestones... that's what a good mommy blogger would do. 

+Lots of exciting things happening at work lately! I can't wait to hopefully share with you soon! 

Happy Hump Day! 

P.S. I got an education from my high school aged cousins this weekend. I learned useful things like, what Snapchat is REALLY for. My favorite bit of knowledge? This whole Harlem Shake dance craze I failed to be "up on". I may have even gotten roped into participating in one after the shower...
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Love {and a freebie}

"Be gentle and ready to forgive. 
Never hold grudges.
Remember, the Lord forgave you so you must forgive others.
Most of all, 
let love guide your life..."
COL 3:12-14

What day more fitting to talk about love? Maybe this post isn't the most traditional of Valentine's day posts, but it's on my heart so I guess that means it matters here. 

This time of year in my faith is a time of reflection. In effort to find more peace, balance, and positivity in my life - strengthening my faith life is pretty key. It's not something I talk about on here a lot because it often makes me uncomfortable so I can only imagine how others may feel... but, alas, here we are. Talking Jesus. 

So often I am my own worst enemy. There are not many mistakes that I have made, no matter how long ago, that I don't still beat myself up about. I am sensitive and take things hard. I get bogged down in self-doubt and uncertainty. I have a hard time giving up control

So that bible verse above? It's getting to me. It's resonating in so many different ways, and I cannot get it out of my head. 

"Let love guide your life"

Let love for who you are and what you do guide you through the day. Let love for your spouse and your children guide you through the hard times. Let love for God ease your mind and and soften your heart. 

let love guide your life. 

These words are going to be my theme for now. I'm hoping to come out the other end of this season of Lent a stronger, more fulfilled me. 

download here

Oh, and I also gave up Twitter and Instagram for 40 days. Yes, I must be batshit crazy. I am already having withdrawals... I plan to fully take advantage of the Sunday cheat rule (all the good Catholics do it!). I'm hoping that its difficulty will force me into prayer and the elimination of the distraction will help me to be a more present wife and mother! Wish me luck! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
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I'm Scared to Take My Toddler in Public

The title might be a slight exaggeration, but somehow we have gotten to a place of legitimate fear when faced with the idea of taking Jack somewhere where he will be forced to sit still (i.e. out to eat, running errands, etc.)

This is so not us. Since the day Jack was born we have always just brought him with us. We had that little boy traveling to the lake when he was 2 weeks old and TAILGATING at 4 weeks... as long as he was safe and healthy and it wasn't an inappropriate setting for a baby, he came along! 

John and I hate to miss out on things, we have what we like to call FOMO (fear of missing out). I think a lot of people assume that when you have a baby you have to stop doing things. Sometimes, yes, we have to "miss out" on stuff. But those times are rare. 

So how did we get here? To this place of being anxious to bring Jack out into public? Well, I think it all started with that ONE bad restaurant experience. He threw food, refused to sit in his highchair, screamed.. it was a nightmare. Jack is usually easy/happy/fun to take places - but this time it was all different. 
So we just stopped. We stopped going out to eat with him. Stopped wanting to take him to the grocery store. Stopped wanting to take him over to people's houses. And it sucked. 

And it sucks even worse to think about taking him on an AIRPLANE in May. What are we going to do?! How is he going to sit still for 6 hours worth of flights?! Are we doomed?! 

So last week, we took him out to breakfast. He did great. It was the perfect storm of hunger, quick food, a first taste of chocolate milk, the right toys, and crayons. But it was more just an "ah-ha" moment for John and I. 

We have to EXPECT him to behave. We have to set him up to succeed (yes, Mom, I know you have been telling us this.) It may sound crazy, but we are already starting to talk to him about airplanes. I know I really need to start taking him to church, and other places that require him to be quiet and sit still. 

I don't want to have that bratty kid who doesn't listen and has no manners. But DANG, teaching your child discipline is hard. 
The Memoirs of Megan
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Happy love week! 

Before John, I was never a big Valentine's Day person. 

My parents were really good about emphasizing the extra opportunity to show love to those around you. Growing up there was always a box of chocolates and a little gift waiting for us on the kitchen table in the morning before school. But as I got older, it was usually a day to be disappointed by lack of a boyfriend or lack of effort by any current boyfriend. 

But with John? Somehow, Valentine's Day always manages to be pretty great for us. I wouldn't necessarily describe my husband as the romantic type, but homeboy does just fine for himself on February 14th. 

2 years ago, he put a ring on it. Enough said. 

Last year, I deemed it The Best Valentine's Day EVER. It was simple and inexpensive. Homemade gifts and dinner at home. 

This year? It's not even Valentine's Day yet and we are off to great start. 

For one, I am currently writing to you from my new baby:
Hello lover. 

On Friday I mentioned one of my February goals to be organizing the basement and making a functional study space. Well, ask and you shall receive. My husband bought me a BEAUTIFUL Ikea desk and just happened to set this pretty little computer right on top of it!

Oh, and you might remember when I put a certain Michael Kors watch on my Christmas list... well  Santa didn't put it under the tree, but my husband put it on my wrist last week!
Maybe these gifts are coming a tad early, but they are all in the name of dear old Saint Valentine! And let me tell you, I feel spoiled!

Of course it isn't all about the material things, but just the fact that I am able to sit and blog to you from my very own (pretty and organized) space, has me feeling so very loved by my Mr. 

I'm also pretty excited for our hot date on Thursday night to a restaurant we have been dying to try! 

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? 

Happy Monday!
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February Goals

After reading Shay's blog last week, I am loving the idea of making monthly goals and revisiting them at the beginning of the next month. 

At the beginning of the year Erin had written a post about the idea of setting monthly goals with her husband, making yearly goals seem less daunting. While I may have had certain goals in mind or weekly tasks, John and I haven't necessarily been on the same page... this month it is time to change that! In January I talked about positivity and getting my life back to a place of center and balance, it's time to start holding myself accountable to that! 

I realize that we are already a week into February, but I now have a better idea of what my goals are going to be (and may have already checked a few off of the list!) 

+Start working out (3+ times a week)

+Reorganize budget and set realistic savings goals

+Organize basement and set up a functional study space

+Be more organize with school & school deadlines

+Organized Jack's baby clothes and put them away in basement

+Spend active one-on-one time with John at least once a week

+Unplug MORE

+Try new things (go places) with Jack

Can't wait to revisit this list in March and see where we are at! What are some of your February goals?
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Happies and Crappies!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Crappies first, I want to end this on a good note!

+ Feeling disrespected at work. I hate when my coworkers pull the "intern" card on me. I am NOT there to make copies/babysit. 

+Two papers due Monday/Tuesday... my weekend will be spent writing them :(

+Anxiety, crap food cravings, weight plateau. all due to one thing - if you catch my drift!


+This whole day for just Bubba and I.

+Jack said his first sentence this week! He kept pointing outside during a thunderstorm and saying "it go boom!"

+Buying John's Valentine's day present :) 

+Having date night on Wednesday. Why yes we had an Olga's feast and it was amazing! Snackers anyone?!

happy weekend!
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