The Glory Days With a Twist

While this weekend may not have gone as originally planned - it was so full of fun, friends, and laughter!

Friday evening we packed up the car and headed to my sister's in East Lansing. We had planned a "quick" trip in order to attend the MSU spring football game Saturday afternoon.
My brother hadn't seen Jack since this post, and was dying to get his hands on his nephew!
We planned to go to the game with him, make some dinner afterwards, then head home.


A few friends ended up being in town and our weekend quickly filled up with unexpected fun and trips down memory lane. 
Jack is so lucky to have Aunts and Uncles so anxious to snuggle with him 
and his parents are lucky for free babysitters :)
Friday night John and I went to a bar that we used to LOVE, waited in line without a "pregame buzz", met up with friends that make me laugh so much, and  wracked up a bar tab that made both of us cringe!
We even shared a 2 am burrito.. & when I say share, I mean we both got our own and sat next to each other as we shoved them into our faces... it was special!

Saturday involved a visit to my old sorority house and lots of squeezes from gorgeous KD sisters!

Bubba even got down on the formal room piano...
We met up with my brother at his house and walked to the stadium. Jack ate up every second he had with his Uncle Sean.
 We even attempted a family picture to commemorate the day - Reminding me that non-brushed hair/hangover face are not prime conditions for family pictures. 
 After the game Jack enjoyed a bottle and nap in a nest of blankets & pillows his Uncle Sean created on his bed. 
We visited with friends and my siblings. It was an awesome day!
A GIANT perk of being a recent grad is still knowing lots of people on campus! Because next week is finals I was able to locate a studious family friend who was willing to babysit Saturday night. 
My sister, John, a few friends, & I enjoyed an amazing sushi dinner followed by Catch Phrase at my brother's. 

Sunday was for laziness and hang overs. 
We procrastinated heading home and didn't end up back here until 10 pm. 

It's great to go back to MSU and "relive our glory days" yet still be able to share so much fun with Jack!
 ...Until next time East Lansing!



Friday's Letters

Today will be my first time linking up with Ashley - I love this link up and I'm excited to join in on the fun :)


Dear Friday, Thank you for showing up! I am so excited for this weekend and it felt like it took FOREVER for you to get here!

Dear Weekend, Thanks for having so many awesome things on the agenda! I don't know what can get much better than a visit with some family, Spartan football, & a Sunday date with my husband
speaking of the husby...

Dear John, Thanks for being such a good sport about me putting pictures of you acting like a ninja in footie pajamas on the internet. I know this was hard for you... you have never even had a Facebook and think of yourself as a private person. I am wrecking your private/noninternet public world with all this blogging business but I really do love you the most :) 

Dear Bubba, Stop growing up so fast! I just uploaded all of the pictures off of my old blackberry and I can't get over how much you have changed!  

Stop pulling yourself up on everything you cray cray child. You fell over yesterday morning and gave yourself quite the bump. Your scared/hurt/frustrated cry BREAKS. MY. HEART.
Dear Brownies, Why did couldn't you turn out like the ones in the picture?! I swear I followed all of the directions to the T, yet the caramel layer still decided to swallow the top layer and now you are a gooey mess... although I suspect after your night in the fridge you will serve nicely and taste DELISH. 

Dear Laundry, Go do yourself. 

Dear Blog Friends, Have a FANTASTIC weekend :) 


Out of the "Office"

I am over at Megan's blog today!
I'm revealing a big secret about making Jack's baby food - Check it out!

In other news... do you watch Ellen? Is that just a SAHM thing? Well anyways... she's hilarious and I laugh out loud DAILY watching her show. Today this happened:

I will say that the second book is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the first. I find myself skimming over the sex "scenes" (what do you call them in a book?!) to get back to the love story.
I don't know.. call me prude, but it's just A LOT for me.

Anywho - Jack climbed all the way up the stairs last night (while I hovered over him the entire time) and pulled himself up on the couch this morning. He's been pulling himself up on the coffee table... basically he's going to be walking soon and I just need to get over it. AHHH!

Perhaps now we can stop dragging our feet on buying a new coffe table/ottoman instead of continuing to use the janky one John had throughout college... (God knows what has been on that thing)
All that grunting... SUCH hard work.
SIDE NOTE: Yes, that is a battery that he almost got his sticky fingers on... I took them out of the remote so he could chew on it without changing the channel... priorities people!
ALSO: Yes, those are trashball makeshift pajamas because, SHOCK, I am not done with laundry


Did You Know That My Husband is a Ninja?

Okay not really... but he is 25% Japanese and we like to embrace the Asian roots as often as possible. 

Lets hope I stay married after posting this...

To be fair - my mom & dad bought all of their adult children footy pj's for Christmas this year...
If you were a part of our Christmas Eve traditions you would know that about 10 bottles of red wine were consumed along with various other cocktails before these pictures were taken.

I though that I might share some stuff with you about that guy that appears in lots of my pictures (you know, the one that isn't Bubba.)
There is a lot more to my husband than the ability to be overly dramatic when I've been taking, in his opinion, too many pictures. 

So here it is, 
John 101
He is as loyal as they come. A friend of John is a lucky person. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, is slow to judge, and has your back no matter what. 
He is actually a pretty sentimental guy. He likes to make every memory special and likes things to be just perfect. If he gets it in his head that something should be a certain way- well then, that is the way it has to be! For example, the standard "jumping" picture with his groomsmen...
He has been fatherly since before Jack was around. Our nicknames with my roommates in college were "Mom & Dad". on Sunday mornings he would always make a big breakfast (And a BIG mess) for everyone while I made a fruit salad/served up the goods.
These fatherly tendencies only got worse while I was pregnant...
I'm glad he had practice with us crazy ladies because he is a FANTASTIC father.
Jack is the first baby he has ever really held... he was a natural right away!
He does thoughtful things like grow a "playoff beard" in my last month of pregnancy cause I think it looks hot... 

He also dry heaves every time he changes a poopy diaper or gets spit up on... whimp!
I find this habit hilarious and laugh every time I hear him gagging in Jack's nursery.

He is actually a REALLY good dancer. I mean, his Dougie OBVIOUSLY did it for me :)
He can mean mug like you would not believe.
He may grumble about it, but he is ALWAYS willing to to do favors for me. If it is a stop at the store on the way home from work, a Diet Coke run at 10pm, or even just holding my stuff while I take a quick picture or 10... he always likes to help a wifey out :)
He was a swimmer in high school, he still holds records at his school 10 years later... But the only time I ever see him in the water he's doing this:
He also told everyone that his Asian skin doesn't burn... he lied. 

He has lots of nicknames with my friends: Mookie, Dad, J Shigs... but probably the most famous is Justin Bieber. This is due to his famed Justin Bieber costume Halloween 2010 - you may have seen it here, but in case you haven't:
it led to our friends doing things like this...
Can't you see the resemblance?! 

He is the BIGGEST Sparty fan you will ever find. I love that tailgating/football games/Spartan pride will be a family tradition that lasts forever!
These are just a few things about my husband. Mostly, I just love him and thought he deserved a little extra attention on this blog of mine :) 

Babe - we have come a long way in this crazy relationship of ours! I love you more today than I did yesterday!
 Look how drunk young we look in our very first picture together - 
I love you John Shigeru!

UPDATE (2/27): I decided that this was my fav post of the week and linked up with Miss Aunie :)
Aunie Sauce


A Waste of A Tuesday

Okay. I shouldn't say a waste. 
I did make 4 batches of baby food.
I also did my Tracy Anderson muscular structure work (no cardio though.. whoops!) 
I made the bed.
I did ONE load of laundry (Go me! that is improvement people!) 

Okay fine. It wasn't a waste of a day. Just not as productive as yesterday.
Bubba stayed in his PJ's until 5, and that's when John got home and I FINALLY got to take a shower. 

I feel like I probably need to cherish days like today because, come next year? 
These days will never happen.
I am so grateful I got to stay at home this year.
Sometimes I was sad or bored or negative - but it has truly been a blessing.

If I wasn't at home I wouldn't get to watch Bubba do this all day:

or see this cat on KLG & Hoda... 

I want him.



A Letter To Da Bubba

Dear Jack, 
Today was just a normal Monday, but I took out the camera for the first time since we've been home from DC and snapped a few pictures of you. It got me thinking about just how much you have changed in the past 8 months. Not only do you look completely different with your grey/blue eyes (just like Mama's!) and your honey hair, but you are learning so much each and every day!
I love the way you curl your little monkey toes. When you play with your toys, you aren't just playing with your hands, but ALWAYS with your feet as well. This makes me laugh and I call you my little monkey boy. 
You're an easy going guy, who doesn't ask for much more than some room to army crawl and to be allowed to yell loud "bah bah bah"s wherever you go. You also like to say "Ah Da!", "Mamamamama", and a WIDE variety of other noises and syllables you manage to string together at any given time. Your little voice is so sweet and I love hearing you talk. We have whole conversations where all I have to say is, "Oh really?" and "what else?" or "How interesting!". You've also started responding to you're name. When I say, "Jack!" or even, "Bubba!" you stop what you are doing to turn around and look at me, usually with a mischievous grin :) 
You amaze me with your curiosity and determination. In the past couple of weeks you have figured out how to pull yourself up on the stairs, then the coffee table, what next?! Lord help me, your mama is not ready for all of this mobility and independence! Today you discovered the doors on our entertainment center, and provide entertainment, it did! You were opening and shutting those doors for an hour. 
You'll be walking and talking before we know it, and I cannot wait to watch you grow more and more. You're daddy and I feel so blessed to be your parents. The other night we broke down and broke the rules, getting you out of your crib and placing you between us in our bed. We snuggled you and kissed your sweet cheeks while you slept and your daddy whispered, "we don't deserve him". It's as simple as this my sweet sweet Bubba - we love you every second of every minute of every day, no matter what! 
Love, your mama!


A Few Random Saturday Ramblings...

I discovered PicMonkey. That is all you need to know. What was the point of mourning Picnik again?!

I have had a migraine EVERY.DAY. since we've been back from DC. 

In case you didn't notice, or you're new, I redesigned the blog. I think we'll stick with this look for a while... I'm in love! 

Today was SUPPOSED to be our first lazy Saturday in a month. My in-laws decided to do a drop-by on a whim... needless to say - goodbye lazy, snuggly Saturday (womp, womp)

I wish that the nice weather would come back so that we spend more evenings at the park...

 Gosh, something about that little boy just really melts my heart! Maybe it's all that Sparty gear? But mostly just the fact that he's MINE, ALL MINE! (okay, fine, he's John's too...)

Happy weekend kids! 
I'm in bed... reading Bloom on my Kindle... in yogas & a sweatshirt... loving.life



Our Trip to Washington DC!

We arrived to DC around 7:30pm Friday night. After a late dinner of Thai & a few too many SILLY Girl Margaritas (my mom and I's famed drink invention!) we all passed out. We woke up Saturday morning ready to head to Old Town Alexandria to see my sister's wedding dress (everyone but Justin that is...) that so conveniently came in just in time for our visit! 

Of course AuntE had a new outfit for Bubba, complete with the world's most adorable shoes!
 Bubba with is AuntE & Uncle Justin!

Sunday we took it easy. My mom wasn't feeling too hot so we had a leisurely morning playing with Bubba- then we left Grandma & Bubba to nap while the rest of us went for a late brunch!
 Bubba figured out how to pull himself up to standing on the entertainment center by using the couch cushion "barriers" as a ramp...
 Sharing a banana with Uncle J!
 AuntE makes the best jungle gym!
 Then we all got ready and headed to the zoo! It's free in DC and therefore, was ABSOLUTELY PACKED! It was also hotter than hot.. so we didn't last too long!
 Passed out with his new best friend, Woodley the elephant!
 View off of Erin & Justin's rooftop deck.
We enjoyed the gorgeous weather and a beer :)

On Monday Erin and Justin had to work, so Mom, Meg, Bubba, & I braved the 90 degree heat and visited some tourist attractions!
 The White House!
 Bubba chilled with his main man, Abe
 We then (very hungrily & hotly) wandered around Georgetown before calling it a day!

Other fun events not pictured:
-Burgers and Toasted Marshmallow shakes at Good Stuff Eatery (DELICIOUS)
-A stroll through Eastern Market
-Girls night Just Dance dance-off
-Mellow Mushroom pizza (YUM) and great visits with long-time family friends 
-Checking out hot Secret Service agents ;)
-Dinner at Tortilla Coast 

All in all it was a FANTASTIC trip filled with lots of wonderful memories. I am also so happy to have such a good traveler to call my son :)