March Goals

Before I move onto this month's goals I want to revisit last month's...

+Start working out (3+ times a week)
Although it has not been perfect, I really feel like exercising is part of my routine now, which is a great feeling! I plan to keep this up :) 
+Reorganize budget and set realistic savings goals
+Organize basement and set up a functional study space
Done & done! This is one of my favorite places in the house these days...
+Be more organized with school & school deadlines
I can definitely still stand to improve on this... but I feel less stressed out about school! 
+Organized Jack's baby clothes and put them away in basement
womp, womp. This totally didn't happen... this goal is being carried right on over!
+Spend active one-on-one time with John at least once a week
I'm not checking this one off because there is DEFINITELY still some room for improvement!
+Unplug MORE
Giving up Twitter/IG for Lent has really helped with this! 
+Try new things (go places) with Jack
I will need to blog about our big trip to Minneapolis ASAP! 

Now onto a blank slate (1.5 weeks in...)

+ONE cheat meal per week (& that's it!)

+Only order food/eat out ONCE per week

+Save $500

+Make our bed every day!

+Plan blog posts ahead of time

+Restructure/redesign this blog

+Update my blog Facebook Page

+Organize Jack's baby clothes

+Spend more one on one time with John :)

What are your goals this month?
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