The shooter that I talked about here is still on the loose.

I am a ball of anxiety. 

On Saturday he shot at two people 10 miles from our house. 

He is suspected to be driving an old junker black sedan.

John's advice to me is that I calm down and just "keep my head on a swivel."
I am so confused as to what that means... someone please enlighten me.

For now, It's being executed in the sense that every time I see a black sedan coming up behind me, 
I am convinced that I am about to be shot at. 

It also means that I am constantly observing where I am on the road, 
thinking things like, if I get shot at right now I will go into this ditch and flip my car. 


Needless to say, I have started to use alternate routes. 
Ones that add 20 minutes onto my commute. 
Oh well... totally worth it. 

On another note (A Bubba note to be exact)...

My child has decided to be a wild ball of hyperactivity as of late. 
I swear he goes through 10 minute periods of complete spaz. 

I think he scarred his aunties for life via video chat on Sunday. 
Like, they are never going to procreate because their nephew is a crazy. 

He's also quite cute. He's blowing kisses and woofing like a "bah-boo" (Dog)

Right now, he's going to serve as my pretend audience as I practice my solo presentation for class at 3. 
Lets hope he doesn't bark me off the stage!

P.S. it's snowing here. If I have to deal with crazy shooters AND icy/snowy roads while driving... best believe I will need to be hospitalized for anxiety :) 
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Neely said...

Please stay safe!!! Also how presh is that little one...I could squeeze his cheeks :)

K said...

Oh geez! I would be a nervous wreck too! Glad you found a new route and hopefully they catch that SOB sooner rather than later.

On a lighter note... your comment on him "woof"ing you off the stage made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is scary! Stay safe and be careful!

Erin said...

Stay safe- praying they catch the guy soon!!! =\

Let us know what score Bubba gives your presentation! ;)

Danielle-Marie said...

I don't blame you, I'd be terrified too! Smart thinking using a different route.

Lauren said...

That is so scary!!! I don't blame you. I'd be hiding out in my house. Darn that work and school for forcing you to leave! :( Be safe!

Jack is a cutie, as always. I bet he's even cuter woofing, haha! love it!

Ashley said...

Holy crap! The shooter is just crazy omg I cannot even imagine getting out on the road!! Be safe especially with icy roads!

SEL said...

How scary! I'd do alternate routes too. I remember when we had the DC snipers on the loose here. Every time we saw a white van, we thought we were going to get shot. I understand the worry.

Your little one is adorable though!

Boo to icy roads! Stay safe!

Amanda said...

Always stay alert anyway, that way if you see him you can contact law enforcement. They'll want an exact location, direction of travel, tag number, clothing description (if you can see if of course), any detail that would stand out so they can find him. Even down to stickers on windows or bumpers.
These are things I ask daily in my job, with robberies, assaults, shootings, cuttings, you name it. These are things police are looking for. Remain vigilant, it'll keep you safe. Even after this guy is caught.

aimymichelle said...

i would be a mess too.