Friday's Letters


Dear Grand Rapids, 
I can't wait to see you tonight! It's going to be an awesome weekend spent with my whole family - you always feel TRULY like home when my parents' house is filled to the brim with our smiles and laughter!
Dear Sisters, 
We are being SERIOUSLY spoiled with all of this sister time... I love it! E, bring the wii so we can challenge S.V. to a Just Dance rematch.

Dear Birthday, 
I can't believe you are tomorrow! It's been a crazy awesome year and I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate than with my family :)
Dear Diet, 
You are REALLY awesome. I already feel better, less bloated, and you are super easy to stick to. Other than my late night chocolate cravings... I really think you have been a walk in the park! John and I have been enjoying delicious dinners, yummy lunches, and actually eating breakfast all week! I don't even miss bread or pasta... 
Dear Husband, 
Thank you for my birthday present! I know I kept telling you that I didn't want/need anything, but the bench in our master really ties the whole room together! I love it in there! 

Dear Mom, 
You are the best mom in the WHOLE world. I love the relationship we have, our daily phone calls, and all the help/advice you have given me this past year. I am so lucky to have you in my life to teach me how to be an amazing wife and mother. 

Dear Jack, 
I have been so honored to be your mother these past 8.5 months. I am so lucky to have a wonderful baby like you! You are about to be BEYOND spoiled all weekend long... and this mama?! She couldn't ask for a better mother's day gift because, homie, you are WEARING ME OUT!! A helping hand or 10 is just what I need for a few days :) 

Happy Weekend everybody! I hope it's full of love and celebration :) Hug and kiss your mamas!
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Ashley Slater said...

Grand Rapids huh?! That is where my family lives, we were JUST there last week :) so fun! loved your letters, so sweet! thanks for linking up!


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

ahh happy birthday early!!!! :)

elise said...

yeah for birthdays! I loved this post!