Yesterday was my first official day on the stay-at-home-mom train. Now that school is over, I have decided to put finding a job on the back burner for the summer and enjoy my new baby girl and get in some quality time with big brother Jack. And while I hate the idea of leaving Norah home with a nanny so young, I am slightly terrified that I will not survive this summer.

Do I love being a mom? Yes, absolutely. Looking at my little babes makes my heart explode 10 million times within the course of one hour. But I also find myself thinking, "Oh my gosh, I have two kids!" with equal parts amazement/joy and fear/whatthefuckhaveidone.

Perfect example: yesterday. By 9 AM I was sending SOS texts to my husband. By 10 AM I was online searching for jobs. I felt like I needed an extra arm, some xanax, and an IV drip of coffee. Just to go to the bathroom, alone, I had to endure angry newborn cries and Jack banging on the door screaming, "MOMMY!"

But, you know, we made it. So what, everyone was in their pajamas when John got home. Jack was running in circles, dying for some rough house time, and Norah was in a fit of gas-filled rage. But we got through the day.

So here we are, day 2. Both kids woke up at 6 AM and I have a raging headache, but, I feel more ready to handle the day. Last night I went to bed with the idea of a schedule. Routine is going to become my best friend. So bring on the Pinterest toddler activities and lets do this thing.

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Ashley said...

It gets easier. It's a lot to take in if you aren't used to it and you can lose yourself to motherhood.

Make sure you make time for yourself (your sanity) and you'll grow to love the time you have while you are at home. :)