The Girl Behind the Blog

I'm back to my Wednesday morning Vlogging again! 
This week I am changing it up a bit and linking up again for The Girl Behind the Blog series! 

I meant to do this last night... then Teen Mom came on... whoops.

So Bubba is making his vlogging debut... if you can't tell he does not like to sit still.
I'm sorry if he is completely distracting the ENTIRE vlog. 
It's just about morning nap time around here, 
and he is NOT into the fact that I won't let him play with my glasses. 

I should probably clarify that my thinking about Wendy's daily doesn't mean I eat it every day...

I swear! 
I just love it a lot and it's really really delicious okay?!

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Annie said...

I can't do scary movies either. And I have that irrational fear, too, thanks to being half-Hispanic, from metro Detroit, and watching too many dang crime shows.

I love Wendy's. They make the best chicken nuggets.

Anonymous said...

Kay, your kiddo is so darn cute!! I am a total scardy cat too! Like, I'm 100% I'm going to be murdered- the husband thinks I'm crazy. And yes yes yes to passive aggressiveness. I dont get it.

Nicole said...

I am such a scardy cat... I just call it being 'aware' of my surroundings. Every noise I hear at night is someone trying to break into the house, even though we have a security system. Glad you linked up!!

Alli @ Brooks' Blog said...

What a cutie! he does seem to have a love for your glasses...

totally agree about getting robed. Maybe us women only consider it actually occurring? Hubby thinks I too am delusional, but it seems completely rational to me.

Happy wednesday!

TicoTina said...

I AGREE about passive aggressive!!! "bubba" is too cute! =) I also definitely do NOT do scary movies - once that's in your head you can't really get it out!

Shane said...

Your son's such a cutie! And darn I Love scary movies, my favorite genre!

xo Shane

Megan said...

jack is adorable...i wish i had included my sweet boy in my video...but he was asleep.

i love that you watch teen mom...i would too if i had cable. so i just watch old episodes on netflix.

i craved wendy's frosties and baked potatoes while i was pregnant!

thanks for sharing!

happy wednesday!

Chelsea said...

I'm loving your blog so much that I have nominated you for an award! Come check it out and play along :)


Stephanie Jones said...

HAhaha i totally woulda put him down and been like "okay go play". Lol. You're a very sweet and patient mama! Good job =] But Bubbah is a doll so i'm sure that helps lol. He is soooooo cute. Good post =]

Clara said...

I love your vlogs!
It makes my day when Bubba joins in!
And you look so cute in those glasses! They are making me want to get some like that.

I crave frosties too btw!!

:) Clara

Paige said...

Uhh yeah, wendys is AMAZING! I could seriously eat it everyday. :)