It's Okay

It's okay...

That I am feeling less than productive at work today.

That I stayed in bed 20 minutes longer than I should have this morning (I'm a vision today, let me tell you...)

That refuse to drink the office coffee.. it's pretty much the worst thing I've ever tasted.

That I am kind of disappointed in the 80 degree weather.. I was used to fall temperatures!

That I am terrified to drive to/from work because there is a crazy man on the loose shooting at cars on the freeway that both John and I use!
That I really wish John and I had nothing planned for this weekend. 

That I am in complete shock that it's almost November.

That I couldn't find the motivation to write one of my term papers, that it was physically painful to type out each page, and that I'm pretty sure I am going to get a terrible grade (and by terrible I mean not an A)
That I think I threw out my back by lifting my gigantic 14 month old. 

That I am pretty much LOVING doing blog design
(packages are still 50% for 2 more days!)

(It's not just okay, it's WONDERFUL) That my grad school bestie started an AMAZING new blog about being engaged, planning a wedding, and so much more! 

That you haven't entered the GIANT giveaway on my blog yet...
you can still do it until next week :) 
Its Ok Thursdays


Tara said...

Love you and your creativity!! Wouldn't have started without your help!

Neely said...

That sketch scares me

Ashley said...

Crazy about the guy shooting at cars!!

We have 80 temps today tomorrow morning the highs will be in the 60's. I'm ready!

Rachel said...

I would be terrified too! It sounds like what happened in DC a long time ago.. stay safe!


Kristen said...

this shooter is crazy. my boyfriend must drive 96 to and from work too. it makes me nervous. seriously though, why have they NOT caught the guy? And I can NOT believe it's almost November either! cray cray!!

SEL said...

What is wrong with this world? Stay safe!!

And I've been there with the term paper stuff. No fun.

November. Blahhh.

Samantha Curtis said...

New follower! SO scary about that crazy guy... be careful!!

Feel free to visit me :)


Megan said...

I'm with you. Extra time in bed in the mornings is mandatory during these days when it is still dark late into the early morning hours. :)
I made the Office Coffee this morning - pretty tasty!

Stefani said...

Oh my goodness. I threw out my back lifting my 14 month old last week! Super lame.

Following from the blog hop! Thanks for linking up!


Jenn said...

There is nothing worse than term papers. I feel for you!!

Stopping by from the Friday Chaos linkup.

Kerry Louise said...

That's crazy about the shooter!
Thank you for linking up at the Friday Chaos.
Have a nice weekend
Kerry @ www.ohsoamelia.com