Happy love week! 

Before John, I was never a big Valentine's Day person. 

My parents were really good about emphasizing the extra opportunity to show love to those around you. Growing up there was always a box of chocolates and a little gift waiting for us on the kitchen table in the morning before school. But as I got older, it was usually a day to be disappointed by lack of a boyfriend or lack of effort by any current boyfriend. 

But with John? Somehow, Valentine's Day always manages to be pretty great for us. I wouldn't necessarily describe my husband as the romantic type, but homeboy does just fine for himself on February 14th. 

2 years ago, he put a ring on it. Enough said. 

Last year, I deemed it The Best Valentine's Day EVER. It was simple and inexpensive. Homemade gifts and dinner at home. 

This year? It's not even Valentine's Day yet and we are off to great start. 

For one, I am currently writing to you from my new baby:
Hello lover. 

On Friday I mentioned one of my February goals to be organizing the basement and making a functional study space. Well, ask and you shall receive. My husband bought me a BEAUTIFUL Ikea desk and just happened to set this pretty little computer right on top of it!

Oh, and you might remember when I put a certain Michael Kors watch on my Christmas list... well  Santa didn't put it under the tree, but my husband put it on my wrist last week!
Maybe these gifts are coming a tad early, but they are all in the name of dear old Saint Valentine! And let me tell you, I feel spoiled!

Of course it isn't all about the material things, but just the fact that I am able to sit and blog to you from my very own (pretty and organized) space, has me feeling so very loved by my Mr. 

I'm also pretty excited for our hot date on Thursday night to a restaurant we have been dying to try! 

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? 

Happy Monday!
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Shannon said...

My hubby proposed on Vday as well 4 years ago. However, since then we haven't really done much to celebrate other than him making a nice dinner at home.

Shelley said...

I have the most ghetto computer and laptop so once we can afford it, I will be getting new stuff! Very cool for you though!

Whitney Brooke said...

Sounds like so much fun!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the watch. jeals. Sean and I are headed to Maru for a little sushi date! I've got some cute surprises in store for my first Valentine ever!! haha.

Ashley said...

My husband always does really well on Valentine's, too. :) This year, I'm getting my birthday present early (my birthday is in May!) because HE CAN'T WAIT! He says it is the biggest present he has ever gotten me, and I think I know what it is. He is also giving me something small as well because he gave me another gift a few weeks ago. *lol*

We are cooking a small dinner at home on Thursday night because I teach until after 7. Then this weekend, he is taking me out to this HUGE brunch we love! Happy Valentine's!