Happies and Crappies!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Crappies first, I want to end this on a good note!

+ Feeling disrespected at work. I hate when my coworkers pull the "intern" card on me. I am NOT there to make copies/babysit. 

+Two papers due Monday/Tuesday... my weekend will be spent writing them :(

+Anxiety, crap food cravings, weight plateau. all due to one thing - if you catch my drift!


+This whole day for just Bubba and I.

+Jack said his first sentence this week! He kept pointing outside during a thunderstorm and saying "it go boom!"

+Buying John's Valentine's day present :) 

+Having date night on Wednesday. Why yes we had an Olga's feast and it was amazing! Snackers anyone?!

happy weekend!
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Cindy said...

It go boom! How cute is that??? Your baby is DARLING!

Altax said...

AWesome capture!!! The pciture looks great.

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Amber Cease said...

YAY for developmental milestones! What a cute first sentence, too! My little gal starting walking this week... isn't it just bittersweet seeing how quickly they grow? You are excited and happy, but sad that time flies by so fast, all at the same time!

Claudia Castro said...

cute baby!....do you have pre-design themes?

Would love if you can check out my blog at:

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

That picture is just TOO cute for words :)


Allie @ Between Dreams said...
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