Tids & Bits & A Harlem Shake

I'm having a really hard time fitting blogging into my schedule this semester! Which is kind of annoying. 

Just a few tids & bits:

+Welcome to all of my new readers! 

+John and I were at the MSU basketball game last week, where we smoked UofM, and every bit of it was amazing - The Breslin Center was like a magical land of Spartan love and it was so loud and crazy that the whole night is a blur! (The whole blurry thing is totally not because I had two beers beforehand...)
I was reminded again why I really really love that I met my husband at MSU - sharing that intense pride for green & white is something we will have in common for the rest of our lives! If all else fails, we will always have Sparty! 
+I spent this past weekend in Indy celebrating my gorgeous cousin at her bridal shower. It was hosted by my mother and 3 aunts. It was stunning.

 Antique wedding cake toppers, bell jars, and baby's breathe surrounded us in a beautiful old country club. There were handkerchiefs in shades of blue wrapped around boxes filled with homemade sugar cookies as favors, and wonderful company to boot! 
You can see all the details here. Which leads to another bit of news - My oldest sister, the one who encouraged me to start this blog, has begun a blog of her own! She's a professional writer with that hipster edge, living the newlywed life with her fancy husband in a new city! You will love her :) 

+While I was away, Jack and John had a father-son bonding weekend. I truly am so lucky to have a husband who is so hands on. I left worry free and came home to two happy boys. I missed them A LOT. However, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have a toddler free weekend to enjoy my cousins, sister, aunts, & mom! 
+Jack is 18 months old today. WTF? I should probably dedicate a post to all of his recent developments, growths, and milestones... that's what a good mommy blogger would do. 

+Lots of exciting things happening at work lately! I can't wait to hopefully share with you soon! 

Happy Hump Day! 

P.S. I got an education from my high school aged cousins this weekend. I learned useful things like, what Snapchat is REALLY for. My favorite bit of knowledge? This whole Harlem Shake dance craze I failed to be "up on". I may have even gotten roped into participating in one after the shower...
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Ashleigh Day said...

I am glad you had fun :) It looks like you did! PS I love the harlem shake you did too cute..

Meg said...

DYING laughing at that video. Love our family way too much.

Lauren said...

That Harlem Shake video is great I so want to make one haha :-)

Megan B.B. said...

#1. I love your Zebra dress
#2. You giving up Instagram/Twitter for Lent makes me feel like I don't even KNOW you anymore. ;-)

#3. I'd like to see Jack with a sticker on his onesie propped up next to a stuffed animal, please. THAT'S the mommy blogger thing to do.

#4. Go Blue. Always.