Excuse me while I ramble a bit, but my heart is so full right now, I need to just jot down my thoughts.

With yesterday's amazing news came some clarity. I have been kind of building up to this "clarity" all week, and so many things were pointing me in this direction.

I feel a little ashamed over my impatience and how much I complained about just wanting to "know". Even though I feel a TINY BIT vindicated over my call to admissions, as the mailbox was yet again EMPTY this morning- I am still feeling kind of... shallow. 

We spend our lives waiting on things. I hate waiting. When I was in the thick of my grad school pity party this week I kept thinking, "Why am I ALWAYS having to wait?". Let's list the things I have had to wait for in the past year:

1. Jack's arrival
2. My wedding day
3. John's promotion and then his raise
4. Approval to move into our new condo
5. Grad school decisions

Probably a few more... but seriously?! Poor me (insert sarcasm) how spoiled am I?! 

I was watching Giuliana & Bill on Tuesday and the whole episode was centered around their wait for her lumpectomy results. 
I felt this same twinge of embarrassment over my brattiness as I read (and cried) over Kelle's birth story to sweet baby Nella in her book, Bloom. Both examples are of people who have exuded so much positivity and strength in the face of unexpected bumps in the road!

I could be waiting on TERRIBLE things. Instead I am waiting on things that make my life so full! I have a husband that I am madly in love with, who has blessed me with the ability to stay at home for the first year of our BEAUTIFUL son's life. I have the most amazingly happy and easy going baby that God could every bless me with. An AMAZING family that supports me to the ends of the Earth! The best part? We are all healthy and happy! Life is so sweet. 

I have a smile that I cannot wipe off of my face. Last night I felt light and full of laughter. Seriously, I laughed out loud several times last night over funny tweets or facebook comments over my silly naiive purchase of Fifty Shades of Grey - I seriously though it was just the next Hunger Games or Twilight craze.. but when I got home and read the back cover to find the word "Erotic" THREE times I was a tad bit surprised... (I'm already on chapter 3). 

This smile and the laughter are maybe partially due to the pure joy I have in knowing that I have accomplished my goal of getting into graduate school.. but mostly I think it has come with the perspective of just how truly wonderful my life really is. Perfect? Not a chance, but wonderful!

Molly is so great at putting things in perspective- her post today really just reinforced everything I have been feeling the past 24 hours. Remembering what the important things are, even when life gets crazy, is what is MOST important. 

When John and I did our pre-cana classes (these are required by the Catholic church before you get married!) our teacher kept saying this, "The most important thing, is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing."  A little confusing, definitely a tongue twister, but SO true!

So here are a few things making me smile on this gorgeous Thursday... 

 This silly goofball and his varying personalities in the morning. He's either snuggly and sleepy and hogging my bed or sitting next to me on the couch all giggly and hyper. I love both moods equally :)
I'm not much of an animal print girl.. but throw in some pink and I am happy. Man, I love Toms!
Trips to Barnes&Noble with Husby & Bubba... why yes that's a book on tape cd. It's a long trip to D.C. and Mom, Meg, & I will need a break from solving the world's problems at some point..
It's official! My "blate" with Allie is on for next month - I could not be more excited :) We decided to make it a family affair and invite the husbys along.. who doesn't love a trip to the zoo with 6 boys?!

Tomorrow, EARLY morning, we leave for Washington D.C. 
I am so excited to spend quality time with my 3 main homegirls and Da Bubba. 
I am so blessed to have my best friends be family as well.
It makes time with them mean time WELL SPENT! 

...too bad I am FAR from ready to go, I am a few loads of laundry, a trip to Target (oh no!), and two LONG packing lists away from there.

I have a treat for you all Friday, Monday, & Tuesday! 
& I cannot wait to give you the D.C. recap when I return :) 

I will leave you with a couple pictures of the last time I was in Washington D.C.
What's up 16 year old Kayla on a choir trip?
2005... when belts and too short Lacoste polos were all the rage! 



MessyDirtyHair said...

aw your little man is SO adorable!!! that would make me smile every day too! LOVE your TOMS! theyre fabulous!

xo Kelly


Natalie said...

Congrats! I love those shoes, so cute!

Britt said...

Awesome post :) You are so right about perspective!

Love your shoes.

Have fun on your trip!

Sarah said...

Oh dear! Not sure THOSE pics were necessary! LOL Great memories! I crossed a bucket-list item off my list last night so I too am feeling blessed! Safe travels! We'll be so close!

Sarah said...

I'm here from Bargain Blonde! Cutest little boy EVER! I have one due November! ((:

Danielle-Marie said...

Have a great time in DC! I'm jealous of your blate with Allie hehe.

Lindsey said...

Love that y'all are having a blate!!! They are the best!

thecoffeehouse said...

congrats on the blogger award! oh and i sooo want a little boy now. he is adorable!

Michelle said...

Such a sweet post. :) I may read Fifty Shades of Grey... hmmm.
You won the Liebster Blog Award at my blog. :)

Dana said...

Such an inspiring post. I try to always keep in perspective that my "problems" are minor compared to what others are dealing with. I am so grateful each and every day to have a beautiful/healthy/happy baby boy, a loving family, wonderful friends, etc.

DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. And major congrats on the grad school acceptance.

Marci @ a smile a day said...

You made a lot of great points! It's hard not to get wrapped up in the negativity of a situation when we are stressed or impatient (I am very much both of these!) at least you have a super positive, happy outlook! I love this! Congrats girl :) have fun on your vacay!

Mrs. Monologues said...

Love this post. It is easy to go negative, and it is battle to remember to find the beauty in everyday life. This post was fantastic.

Have a fabulous trip!