February Goals

After reading Shay's blog last week, I am loving the idea of making monthly goals and revisiting them at the beginning of the next month. 

At the beginning of the year Erin had written a post about the idea of setting monthly goals with her husband, making yearly goals seem less daunting. While I may have had certain goals in mind or weekly tasks, John and I haven't necessarily been on the same page... this month it is time to change that! In January I talked about positivity and getting my life back to a place of center and balance, it's time to start holding myself accountable to that! 

I realize that we are already a week into February, but I now have a better idea of what my goals are going to be (and may have already checked a few off of the list!) 

+Start working out (3+ times a week)

+Reorganize budget and set realistic savings goals

+Organize basement and set up a functional study space

+Be more organize with school & school deadlines

+Organized Jack's baby clothes and put them away in basement

+Spend active one-on-one time with John at least once a week

+Unplug MORE

+Try new things (go places) with Jack

Can't wait to revisit this list in March and see where we are at! What are some of your February goals?
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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals!

Ashleigh Day said...

Good luck with the goals! I hope you finish them all or at least the majority of them.