The Story of My Life

This month I will be participating in the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I'm hoping it will help get me back in the groove. Wish me luck!

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

Most of my readers know my story – the one that started when I started this blog, but I suppose the first 22 years haven't been touched on much!

I was born in the morning on a day in mid May of 1989. I joined too older sisters, and my younger brother followed 19 months later. My parents were (and still are) crazy in love and showed me that marriage is beautiful yet hard, and so very worth it. We lived in a faux small town in West Michigan where I graduated with over 700 people. If you screwed up, the whole town knew about it within 2 days. Growing up, I was sassy and outspoken. I was once seen stomping around our backyard, alone, carrying a book and saying “this is MY book, this will never be your book, it will always be my book.” (remember the part of that story where I said I was alone?) I didn't really come into my own until college. Those first 18 years I managed. I attempted to be good at EVERY sport, but my lack of coordination and short attention span for being competitive made it a “just for fun” activity. I spent high school singing in the choir and following around my boyfriend. After “the worst break up ever” high school was over for me (too bad that was when I was 16). I just wanted a fresh start and longed to move away. College years were spent at the best place on Earth, MSU. I could fill up an infinite amount of pages with words about the friendships, bad decisions, and times to remember from college. It all went by so fast! The biggest lesson I learned in that time is that you don't always get to choose or plan. That lesson has more than led me to today. I couldn't be happier with this life of mine!

Okay, so I went over (because I know you all counted!) It's kind of strange to see your “story” summed up into one little paragraph... what's your story?  


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Great life story, fun to read.