Road Trip!

Yesterday, we took quite the day trip with Allie and the boys to see Becky and Miss Elli at the zoo.
It was a blast!

Love me some girl time - I swear there was not one silent pause between Allie and I both ways. (That's 4 hours worth of chatting, friends!)

Becky is just about the sweetest ever.
That baby bump she's rockin'? Cute beyond words.
Elli was so well-behaved and beyond adorable!

So, minus the heat, the crazy maze of a zoo, the tight pathways that our massive strollers/wagons barely fit through, and the impossible-to-find food... Bubba and I had a fantastic time. 

I didn't take many pictures.. shock to all, I know! Something about three women with the giant Canons and 80 bajillion babies (okay 5, but still) was just too crowded. Hopefully the other girls will post some good shots from the day!

Until then, enjoy the little ones from the trip. Bubba and Jude - besties for life. 

Sorry these are blurry.. but Bubba couldn't stop waving to baby Jude!

Jack also found a toy he loved at Allie's house...
The fact that he had no pants on made it all that much better.

p.s. I picked a new winner for the Shabby Apple giveaway because I was never contacted by the first! 
Amy, e-mail me by Saturday to claim your prize! lifeafterblog@gmail.com

Happy Thursday! 
Bubba and I are checking out a potential daycare today.. wish us luck!
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Julie Rogers said...

How much fun to meet with other bloggers---that's awesome;) We need to meet some NJ bloggers around here! Good luck with the daycare search!

Sarah Keck said...

I can't get over the fact that he's STANDING by that little crib. Seriously blows my mind! How much changes in 4 months!

Jess said...

I love that you and your girlfriend went to the zoo. I'm hoping to meet other preggo or SAHMs so I can have fun outings as well.

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Looks like a blast! I'm pretty jealous you got to hang out with those lovely ladies and they with you. It's always so cool to meet people that we've connected with in blog land.

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

awe fun! i bet the kids LOVED the zoo! always a good time! good luck checking out daycares, I know how scary that can be for a mom. I hope you find the perfect place! xo Kelly