Papa & Ethel 6/30/2012

As I mentioned a couple of times on this here blog, my Papa got married this past weekend in Indianapolis!

My mom has two sisters that also live in Indianapolis, so a trip there always means a lot of family,
and a lot of fun.

We arrived to my Aunt Kathy's house Friday evening (Around 8 pm) after a 4.5 hour car ride. 
Bubba screamed the last 30 minutes so we were REALLY ready to be there.

There was lots of drinking, dancing, talking, and laughing.
So much so that I didn't fall asleep until 4 am.
NOTHING about that above sentence is okay. 

Saturday we were able to all hang out over coffee and enjoy the morning. 

In our family, we talk with our hands.

Bubba was passed from cousin to sibling, from aunt to uncle, and back again!
He loved exploring my Aunt & Uncles house :)

The ceremony was great! 
My Great Uncle Johnny (my late Grandma's brother) is a priest. 
He married my Grandma & Papa.
He married my parents & all of my aunt and uncles.
He even married John & I.
Well, he married my Papa to his new wife this past Saturday. 
It was really special!

All of Papa & Ethel's (present) grandchildren!
The O'Connor kids and their spouses
Can you spot the Tebow?

Cutest of all was the small reception held at a local reception hall.
This little shindig was complete with cute old couples swing dancing.
Yes, I'm serious.

First dance.

Toasts & Cake cutting.

Did I mention the open bar?

Aren't my cousins cute?!
I cannot believe Miss Colleen (far right) is going to COLLEGE in the fall!

Those hip seniors, Papa & Ethel, hired a DJ.
And we dance.
Even Bubba.
All those classic wedding songs?
Cha Cha Slide, Shout, Cupid Shuffle?! Yeah, we requested them all!
I'm pretty sure it was the liveliest wedding reception any 78 year old has ever had. 

Afterwards (the reception was from 4-7...) 
We had pizza at my Aunt Reenee's.
I was so dead tired I thought I could cry. 
But just hanging out all together was wonderful.
Isn't that sign my cousins made my Aunt ADORABLE?!

On Sunday we had a brunch, complete with family mass said by Uncle Johnny. 
We all said our goodbyes and headed home.
It wasn't a sad goodbye - because we will all be together again soon...
SEPTEMBER to be exact. 
Man, oh man, do I LOVE weddings :)

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Britt said...

Awww fun wedding! Can I party with you til 4am?? :)

Ashley said...

What a sweet, fun wedding! I think the best part of all is how welcoming your family is to your Papa's new wife. :)

Melissa said...

Aw looks like so much fun!!!!

<3 Melissa

KikiSay said...

Can't wait. T minus two months.

Dana @ five30three said...

That sign is so cute. I love the outfit you picked!