Serious Business

Okay, it's not really serious at all.
Unless you count it as seriously cute
(apologies for the cheesy joke.)

Jack is OBSESSED with our iphones...
This is most likely because we are on them too much.

We try to keep the "playing with our phones" to a minimum.
Mostly because I don't want him drooling into some crack or crevice.
But should probably worry about him getting some kind of toxic something or other...

But seriously, it's cute. 
He has phone conversations with just about everybody-
Aunt Megan, AuntE, Grandma.

He thoroughly enjoys a little Facetime. 

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I am just raising a technologically savvy child :)

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Neely said...

Those cheeks...I die

Britt said...

That little boy is too cute :)
I'll sponsor you my friend! But I have to get on a computer that lets me get on passionfruit... i'll email you :)

Julie Rogers said...

SOOO cute---my three year old is the most tech savvy kids and it started early:) He has like 20 play phones (most of them old phones from family and friends)---it's a bit of an obsession! Watch out!


Natalie said...

Max is obsessed with our iPhones as well. He also loves my Mac. Yep, I spend way too much time on both devices!

Stephanie Jones said...

Third pic is my favorite!

Shane said...

Following from the blog hop! Adorable boy you have :)

xo Shane