Favorite Day!

It's true! It's true! Today is my FAVORITE holiday! 
Okay, yes, I love Christmas. 
Thanksgiving & Halloween are great too.
But the fourth?! Hands down, the best. 

Summer. Sunshine. Lake Time. Fresh fruit. Boat rides. Family. Friends. Bathing Suites. Bon Fires. 
Oh.My.Goodness. I LOVE fireworks!

I honestly think one of the best parts of the Fourth of July is that there aren't any 
SET-IN-STONE traditions that I have. 

Every year it's different. 
Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's not.
Okay, but MOST of the time it's awesome!

This year is a little off due to the random Wednesday that John has off.
We are headed to the in-law's house for the day to hang out.
Then Jack and I are LAKE BOUND.
We will be excited to have John meet us up there Friday night!

A positive spin on this year's humpday independence?! 
An bonus weekday spend with my hubs!
A PROLONGED celebration of the best day ever!
MORE fireworks.
AKA more fun :)

I think I have to make these...


Happy Independence Day friends!
What do you love about this day?
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Jen said...

I made those strawberries last year and they are so much fun! Have a great 4th!

Shelley said...

Have fun today!!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

It IS such a fun holiday! Hope you enjoyed and let us know how those strawberries come out!