A Vlog In Which I Vent About Daycare...

Stop and Smell the Roses
Like I said, so SO much respect for working mama's-
This shiz is HARD! 

I think being a SAHM is the best. 
Perhaps I am biased - I've been one for almost a year, and I am the product of one!

But I am also really excited for this next chapter in my life! 

If you watched, thanks for watching :) 
Happy Wednesday! 
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Mis En Place said...

If I lived near you I'd be your nanny! I could use a good baby fix :)

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ooh I'm super interested to know more about the bad daycare you worked at! I'm looking into jobs now, hoping to find something where I can be home with Ben during the day so I can avoid daycare, but in the chance that I can't, I'd love your input!

I am suuuure you'll find something/someone that you're happy with - def will be thinking about you! Sending good nanny wishes ;-)

Mandy Rose said...

Oh honey, I know how hard it can be to try and find childcare. Keep searching and, like you said, only go with something that everyone is comfortable is with. I will be praying for you! In the meantime, hope you have/had (can't remember now if you said it was today or tomorrow) with the girls!! We love the zoo!!