The Girl Behind The Blog V.3

First off, hello to all of my new followers! I had such a blast co-hosting the blog hop with Melissa yesterday, and cannot wait to get to know you all!

It's that time again! I LOVE this month's prompt. It really hits home with me this month! 

It was so nice to have a reason (other than the obvious) to write down a list of things I not only want but NEED to get done! 

 Here are the "rules" for this month's vlog, hope you enjoy watching mine and then go and do your own :) 

The Girl Behind The Blog- Begin, Accomplish, or Change 
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog 
What is one thing you are hoping to Begin, Accomplish, or Change? 
Why is this goal important to you? 
What are your plans to achieve this goal?

Keeping with my tradition of roll-out-of-bed vlogging! Yay! Sorry I totally didn't stay within the time limit... OBVI I need to get some more girlfriends or something cause I can just talk.talk.talk. 

What are you ready to start, accomplish, or change?!
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Rachel said...

Wow! That's huge, to start grad school when you have a little one to take care of, I can't imagine that! My husband is starting grad school in a few weeks and I'm even a bit nervous about that!

Anonymous said...

While I don't have a child, I can relate to the need to get organized before the next few weeks are up. I'm starting nursing school next month, and I was procrastinating big time with my study area. I finally got my space organized last week, and I'm now trying to spruce it up just a bit to make it warm & inviting. I still have other areas of the house I need to get organized (one of those is on today's to-do-list). We're going on a week's vacation as well so I'm beginning to feel the pressure! Kudos to you as you have much more to accomplish with a wee one and finding a routine that helps your family!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh you gotta be SO excited to be starting grad school! Its going to be so different from your current day to day. This is so great. Yay! Good luck and glad you linked up!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

At the risk of sounding kind of like a creeper, I feel like I was meant to see your vlog! I'm hoping to embark on grad school soon, and I feel slightly comforted that another blogger is experiencing the same transition! I'll definitely be keeping up with you to see how the journey is going. And cheers to you for going into social work. It's a tough line of work, but only those who feel most passionately about it go into it, so I know you'll be great. (I was a CASA for a foster child.)

Thank you so much for linking up with Ashley and me! I'm following you on GFC, Bloglovin, and Twitter now!

Amber Callan said...

Love your intro video! It's so neat getting to know a little more about you (:
And yay for grad school!
Also I love your blog and I'm so excited to follow it. I hope you'll return the favor so we can stay in touch!

xx Amber

Sarah said...

Grad school is huge, good for you!!

Chelsea said...

How exciting! Best of luck to you starting grad school and keeping an efficient home!