Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, thanks for getting here in a timely manner. I have been looking forward to you! 
Dear Bubba, You are getting a haircut today. Also, you are going to your first REAL MSU football game tomorrow (although you have been in the stadium before!) please be a good boy and let Mama stay for at least the first half! It's going to be such a fun day! 
Dear Spartan Football Team, Please don't embarrass us on Saturday. Please start playing better. Please. It would be really awesome to NOT lose to Ohio State... just saying!
Dear School, I need to start reading for you. But when I get home at the end of the day I am just so sleepy. Today is the day I will get around to it! Promise! 
Dear Husband, Thanks for the surprise brownies you swiped me from the office. They were delicious.
Dear Work, Thanks for being pretty great yesterday. Watching a 10 year old little boy be adopted into his new family, with his new big brother by his side - my heart was so full! The amazing work my office does is truly awesome, I'm excited to be just a tiny part of it! 
I leave you with pictures of Jack chilling in his daddy's MSU hat.
Happy weekend! Go State!


The Students Wife said...

oh your little guy is so cute! I love his little jammies


Ashley Slater said...

we root for michigan in our house, but I still loved you rletters :) thanks for linking with me!

Tyler said...

Oh my gosh.. he is so cute!! :)
Happy Friday!

SimplyHeather said...

Hi from Friday Letters!

Oh my gosh, your son is so cute! I'm sure he'll be a perfect angel at the game! hehe! Have fun by the way (:

Have a great weekend!

xox, Heather


SweetMarie83 said...

What a cutie! Your job sounds amazing - that must be so heartwarming and gratifying to be a part of. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the game. :-)


term paper said...

Wow the photos are really too cute too experience...I hope you will have a lot of fun at your weekend...I am feeling really blessed to come here...thanks!!!