Glass Case of Emotion

Just in case you don't get the Anchorman reference:

I found myself in a similar situation as Mr. Ron Burgundy this past Saturday. 
As in, I was trapped in one large class case of emotion as my sister walked down the aisle. 

I ugly cried. 
Like big fat ugly tears, with a few gulps, and a stifled sob here and there. 

I must say, I was not expecting it. 
But the minute John strummed the first few chords of Skinny Love by Bon Iver, 
I lost it. 

I've decided there were a combination of factors to blame in this scenario. 

1) I got married just under a year ago and can call to mind quite easily just how amazing that moment is and I was so happy that my sister was getting to experience it. 

2) Pure joy. 

3) It was the most beautiful moment I have ever paid witness to. 

Lucky for all of you I had my sister's friend film the event. 
It doesn't even begin to do it justice. But this beauty has to be shared! 

The wind blowing her dress?!
That giant grin?!
Her hair/dress/veil/EVERYTHING. 
Oh my Jesus, it still chokes me up with it's beauty!!

So incredibly blessed with an amazing new brother.
So unbelievably happy and excited for my sister-
The newly minted Mrs. to her Mr.  


Sarah Keck said...

Such an absolutely gorgeous day! Congratulations to you all!!!

Janna Renee said...

Aww I can't even imagine my baby sister getting married! I will definitely be emotional!