I'm back!!

I have missed blogging and am so excited that my little internet baby is working again! 
I had no idea that when I bought a custom domain last week that is was the WOST time to do so..

oh well.
www.lifeafterblog.com is officially mine :) 

Have you missed us as much as we have missed you?! 
I feel like I have so much to share. 

Who wants to read about 
-Major mama guilt?
-How much Bubba has grown in the last month (& our major fail at getting him off the bottle)?
-Struggles getting out the door in the morning?
-That time I watched my babysitter feed Bubba a donut?
-Or the amount of nakedness I had to witness in the gym lockeroom today?

Yes I know, EVERYBODY is pumped about these posts I have cooked up in my mind. 

For now - here's our life via Instagram the past few days:
Bubba, Bubba, more Bubba, a little tailgate fun, & Bubba :) 


[dianegatorfan] said...

Good for you! Can't wait to follow along. Why was it such a bad time to buy a custom domain? I must have misse something!

Katlyn Larson said...

Can't wait to get to read about all of that! :) Welcome back!


Maia Price said...

He's gotten so big! Congrats on the domain!


Lauren said...

If it makes you feel better we finally took away B's last bottle... at ummm like 22 months old. I finally packed them all away and when she asked for one I showed her the cabinet they're in and I was like "they're all gone!". It took 3 nights of doing this before she gave up. It was so much less painful than I imagined BUT she was 10 months older than they recommend them being when they stop. Oops. I think the biggest thing is just not letting milk sit on their teeth so if you can give him the bottle and make sure he brushes his teeth before bed and napping I think it buys you some time. Our ped told us if she MUST have a bottle and was having a hard time, to give her milk in a sippy, brush her teeth, and then let her take water from a bottle at bed. He said that sometimes works to wean them off it.

Allie said...

IT'S WORKING!! YESSSSS!!!! I cannot wait to see you Friday! I might pee myself!!!! oxoxoxo