Hey, Girl, Hey!

It's me! I'm here!
I don't have much time but I couldn't resist taking advantage of Bubba in his highchair,
and this quiet moment with my morning cup of coffee (surely to be one of many...)

It's safe to say I am still recovering from this past weekend.
My sister could not have been a more beautiful bride
and after a couple of days trapped in a glass case of emotion (more on that tomorrow)
I am feeling pretty drained!

And guess who didn't get to sleep in yesterday?!
Being a SAHM turned full time grad student is way more of a transition than I anticipated.
I don't know why I thought it would be nothing, but it's a lot!

It's hard.
Hard in the sense that there is A LOT of work.
Hard because I feel like I NEVER see my son, let alone my husband!
Hard in lots of ways... hopefully I will find time to expand on some of the ways here.

I just need to take the time to let the next couple of weeks become our new "normal"
with no holidays or weddings amping up the agenda!

We are all doing great.
Tired but great!

If you don't follow me via twitter or instagram... here are all of my shots from this past saturday.

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katrice said...

Good luck with your "new normal". Your sister's looks like it was blast and she looks beautiful. I'm a new follower from the GFC Blog Hop :)