Friday's Letters

Dear Life, I don't recognize you anymore. How can what was our day-to-day 6 weeks ago feel so foreign now?! I feel like I took last year for granted. Getting to determine what I did and when I did it, and being able to choose pajamas and coffee ALL DAY if I wanted to?! I miss you... But that being said, this change was so good. I need structure. I need to be doing what I am doing now and I am so thankful we were able to make the transition!

Dear Husband, I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS WEEKEND! We have not spent a full weekend at home since MAY. How did we let this happen? This summer was so much fun but I am really excited for us to "slow down" and spend more time together as a family of three in our home. I feel like I barely get to spend any time with you, as weird as that may sound, it's true! Can't wait for two full days of your face. 

Dear Jack, My baby. I miss you the most. I feel like I haven't been able to give you my full attention these last few weeks and the mom guilt over it is real. You need this weekend too. Your mama and your daddy all to yourself! We are going to play, play, play all weekend long! 
Dear Allie, I get to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot express how excited I am! How have we let it be so long?! Cannot wait to see the boys back together again :) Not to mention super cute photo opps at the pumpkin patch! 

Dear Ikea, See ya Saturday!

Dear Blog, Thanks for working again. I missed this little space of happiness! 


{[Jessica]} said...

What i would do if I could have ONE weekend home...ahh not saying I dont enjoy being away from home but sometimes its good to just have that weekend home to recoup & relax and enjoy the company of home.. n not to mention pjs ALL day and bum clothes!!!

Lauren said...

New from the link up! :) Cute blog!!!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great weekend plan, enjoy!!

Allie said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Seriously I ALWAYS have the best time with you!!! xooxox