"It's Ok." The Fat/Lazy After Work Edition.

Haven't done an "It's Ok" link up in FOREVER... and oh, is this week deserving!

...That I didn't do anything school related after work last night.

...That I ate super unhealthy after going to the gym for the first time in 9 months.

...That my house is a mess, and I don't really care.

...That John and I locked ourselves out of the house last night after grabbing drinks/dessert downtown.

...That I had accidentally left a window unlocked so John was able to climb through!

...That I have been feeling major mom guilt this week.

...That I have completely neglected this blog lately because real life is so cray cray.

...That I took a blog break, but I miss my readers & their sweet comments :) 

...That I love my new job because I have time to blog stalk again! 

...That my new CUSTOM URL still isn't working (This really isn't okay, but I will pretend it is!)

What's okay with you?! 
Its Ok Thursdays

1 comment:

Sarah Grace said...

leaving that window open was meant to be! :) and my apartment's a disaster too...it's amazing how such a small place can be so cluttered so easily. ugh...haha

happy thursday!

xoxo, sarah grace