Wedded Bliss Wednesdays!

The day has arrived! 
Our FIRST EVER Wedded Bliss Wednesday link up!
If you have a post ready to go, go right ahead and link up! 
If you haven't written a post, grab a button and join us!
Just a few ground rules:
Make sure you are following both Allie & I's blogs!
Try and visit someone else who has linked up! 
Spread the word! 

Now for the good stuff!
Introduce us to your husband! (What's his name? How old? What does he look like?) 
My husband's name is John, He is 26. 
What is your husbands favorite thing to do?
My husband LOVES to watch sports, especially football, Spartan football to be exact! We are HUGE Michigan State fans :) He's also a major bookworm. Like, unable to be a human being when into a good book. I swear, he is dead to the world and will spend every free second engrossed in whatever he is reading about. I love it, because I am the same way! 
What does your husband do Monday-Friday? 
John works in supply chain! He is a buyer for a defense contractor and spends his days negotiating prices for engine parts. He is very smart and when talking about work it all sounds very smart and my eyes begin to glaze over... but at the end of the day he is the provider for our family and I'm very proud of him for it! 

What was the FIRST thing you noticed about your husband when you met?
His smile. He was just hanging out with his friends, completely at ease. He wasn't trying to impress anybody, wasn't trying to show off. I had to talk to him! 
What is your husband's BEST quality?
His kindness. He is the most innately kind human being I have ever met. He is always giving people the benefit of the doubt and always does things for others. 

What is your husband's biggest pet peeve?
Wal-Mart UofM fans. 

How does your husband feel about blogging?
When I first told my husband I was thinking about starting a blog he was really skeptical. He is really private and weary of the internet. Homeboy JUST got his first social media account (twitter) and is YET to use it. He also was uncertain of what I would write about and just was all together UNSURE.

Now? He loves it. He is so supportive and calls himself the "#1 fan of Life After...". I know that he reads every post and is really great about encouraging me to keep up with it, even now that life is super busy!

What is something you do/can do that makes your husband feel loved?
I asked him. Because I honestly didn't know! I try to do a lot of things to make him feel loved... 
He said it's when I am loyal to him and stick up for him! 

This is nice to hear because I ALWAYS want my husband to feel like he is my number one above anyone else! I always have his back and will never stand to hear someone say a bad word about him to me! He is my family and has my whole heart! 

Now it's your turn! I cannot wait to read/watch what you all have to say! 

Next weeks questions: DATE NIGHT!
How often do you and your husband have a date night?

What did you do on your first date?

What is your favorite kind of date night?

How do you do date night on a budget?

What is the best kind of date your husband could surprise you with?!



Allie said...

I just love you two!!! I almost bought the boys Michigan shirts, glad I did not, you would have shunned us!! I love that he is the #1 blog fan!!

Allie said...

I just love you two!!! I almost bought the boys Michigan shirts, glad I did not, you would have shunned us!! I love that he is the #1 blog fan!!

Liz said...

My whole family geta like that when they read it's crazy!!! So sweet that he is so supportive of you blogging!

Mis En Place said...

Bahaha Walmart UofM fans. I just died.

Britt said...

Love it! I'm getting ready ot link up! You two are the cutest...ever. :)

Southern Wifey said...

new follower here, found you through Allie! love this new link up!

my husband is extremely skeptical about social media too. like he doesnt have any accounts. not even facebook lol

the sweet life of a southern wife

Grace martin said...

I second the hilarious walmart u of m fans haha, my husband used to threaten to out my blog on facebook but I get shy thinking of people I know and run into all the time reading my blog

Rachel said...

I love this link up idea! I'm a bit too late for this week, but I'll definitely try to join in next time!

Sarah Keck said...

Love you guys! Such a great link-up and I can't wait to do it again next week! Miss you! Give our love to the boys!

Catriona @ Precious Impressions said...

Thank you for hosting! Its good that you stand up for him, I do the same with my husband. If people try to mess with him I get so angry. Everything in me wants to protect him.