Mom Guilt

 Photos taken by Allie!
At first it was fine. 

It was a new schedule. 
I was still voluntarily waking up & making 6am family breakfast. 
It hadn't sunk in that it was reality yet...

Then, last week, I felt it. 
Mom guilt. 

I dropped Jack off at the babysitter, and felt like I was about to cry. 
After the craziness of school and wedding week, I felt like I hadn't seen my baby in days! 
Let alone spent any time with him...

The thing is. He is fine. 
He gives me all kinds of kisses and hugs when I get home at the end of the day. 
I know it's hard, and that he is adjusting too, but he's as happy as ever!

It's hard. 
Dropping him off and not getting to spend all day with him is hard. 
But I know that it will all be worth it. 

Already, Jack's social development has been amazing to see. 
He loves other children, he loves to play! 
I really feel like his personality has exploded in the last two weeks! 

And I still have a day and a half a week to be at home. 
To play, to lounge, to do mama things.
I cherish that time with him WAY more now than I ever did before! 

We will all be better for this, I know, 
but mom guilt... it's no joke! 



Shar Martinez said...

Aw! I know how you feel! :'( I hate it when my little guys are even away just at family's sometimes! Aw! Jack is just SO cute! :)

We all go through mom guilt, but you're doing a great job Kay. :)

♥ Shar

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Shar is right! We do all go through guilt. When it starts to get you down, remember why you're making the choices you're making. Don't forget that you are doing what is best for your family. It's easier said than done, but doing the best for your family is not a reason to feel guilty.

Shannon said...

My son has been in daycare for the past 7 months and it's still hard to leave him in the mornings but I just remind myself that he really does love daycare and he's learning so much by being around the other babies. Hang in there.

Clara said...

You are such a sweet mom! I can't say I have been in your shoes, but I know that it must be so tough. I admire you for doing all you are doing right now and you will value your this extra education!


Mama said...

You two are so cute together! ! I have mom guilt all the time... it's def not something anyone tells you about ahead of time!

Emma McCartney said...

Aw, what a lovely post! I just LOVE your blog and am your newest follower!


buy essay said...

You are looking so awesome with your little prince...well I believe that when I was a kid my mum might had some guilt also...just feeling blessed now to be here...thanks