On Saturday I will say goodbye to 22 and hello to 23.
22 was a FABULOUS year. 

I moved out of my college house and in with John.
Moved into our first home apartment.
Learned to live with a boy.

I learned how to do a job that I hated.
I learned to suck it up and go everyday.
I learned how it feels to be the object of prejudice.
I learned how to be humbled.
I spent lots of time at my family's lake house.
I watched John really become a part of the family.

I wore a bikini, and for the first time in my life, didn't worry about "looking fat"
I whined about being pregnant, A LOT!
I experienced loss and grief.
I watched that same loss and grief multiplied by 10 million in friends that might as well be family.
I learned to lean on John.
I went to the wedding of one of my oldest friends.
I was a bridesmaid for the first time.
I watched one of my closest friends say "I Do" and pledge her life to an amazing man.
I became a mom.
I learned what being tired really means.
I found out what love is really all about.
I learned how to take help and advice.
I helped create my own little family of three.
I fell even more in love with my best friend.
I tailgated A LOT!
I introduced Jack to MSU, sorority girls, and green & white pride!
I watched my son be baptized into the church that I was raised.
I watched him be baptized by the same man and uncle that baptized me! 
I walked down the aisle, arm in arm with my dad.
I vowed to love and cherish my best friend for the rest of my days.
I ate, drank, danced, and sang at the most PERFECT party - just for us!
I was surrounded by loving friends and family.
I was serenaded by sweet sister friends :)
I spent my first holiday away from my family.
I introduced John to some of our family traditions.
We made traditions of our own!

I struggled with adjusting to "real life"
I got a little depressed.
I started this blog.

We moved.
I crafted.
I cooked.
I embraced being a "homemaker"... kind of.

I applied to grad school.
I waited and waited to hear back from grad school.
I got into grad school!

I often counted my blessings.
I took a roadtrip.
I worked on my marriage, every. day.

I smiled A LOT.
Cried quite a bit.
Laughed EVERY DAY.

22 was the best year of my life. 23 has a lot to live up to :) 

Aunie Sauce

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Natalie said...

Happy birthday! You had such a great year. I'm sure the next one will be full of just as much happiness.

sabrina @ baby loves said...

aww, what an exciting full year! hope your birthday is fabulous!

Britt said...

Awww so sweet! dannnng girl. it was an amaazing year for you!!

Holly said...

Soo sooo sweet!
Hope you have an amazing Birthday!

Megan B.B. said...

Happy Birthday, doll. I hope it's totally fab.
Celebrate it up!

Life As Wife said...

Happy early birthday!!! Hope your guys treat you like a queen for the day!

Anya said...

Oh my goodness! You are a baby ! :) Happy Birthday! It's amazing how much you've accomplished so far.

Sami said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! You and Bubba look absolutely gorgeous in that last photo! I hope 23 brings even more wonderful things to your life :)

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ahh this made me cry this morning! Sounds like one amazing year - happy birthday! :)

Alex Kay said...

Happy birthday! What an amazing and inspiring posts. You reminded me that we all have a LOT to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

i feel tears :) 22 really was amazing for you and i look forward to seeing your posts at 23!!

Josie said...

Happy early birthday! I love that we have so much in common! I'll be turning 23 just two days after you! And I love the idea of this post! :)

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday lady! I just found your blog and am loving it already. I'm a new follower now :) It sounds like you had such a big year! I'm turning 27 (gah!) in about a month and I feel like the next year has a lot to live up to too :) Here's to a great next year for both of us!! Can't wait to read more :)
Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees