The 11 Pound Difference

Not much happened today besides cleaning and essay writing (I submitted 1 of 3 applications! Wahoo productivity!) But after uploading all the videos from our video camera onto John's computer I decided to re-watch all the little tidbits from the birthing suite and beyond. 

I cannot believe how my little boy has grown! It's hard to believe that that yellow (jaundice), black haired, muddy eyed, 8 pound peanut is the same baby as the 19+ pound, blue eyed, squirmer currently taking up residence in my heart! 

Jack hardly ever cuddles anymore- he is just so curious and on the move. He wants to look at, grab, touch, and slobber on everything he sees! John and I also tried really hard to make sure that Jack wasn't "over held". After working in a day care all summer I was terrified of him becoming one of those babies you could never put down. While we have succeeded in helping Jack to be "independent", it also means that bed time means put me down, I want to sleep! But last night he got sleepy eyed and slept on his Daddy's chest for the first time in weeks and weeks. John was so happy and relaxed and the sight of the two of them together made me melt.

Bubba 1 week old
 Bubba (almost) 5 months old

I can't help but reflect on how much things have changed from the first picture to the second. John and I are married. I respect him so much as a father. I AM SOMEONE'S MOTHER?! I cannot go to sleep, wake up, or even breathe without thinking of another human being. I'm tired, so very tired. I cannot leave the house without my suitcase of a purse (aka diaper bag..). I'm not nursing anymore (yes, okay, judge me, I got married, it was busy, I dried up!). Jack smiles. Jack rolls over. Jack laughs. I'm confident in my ability to be Jack's Mom. I'm (somewhat) less worried about SIDS. I'm (somewhat) less worried in general.. somewhat.

A typical week day morning consists of John (or I) getting Jack out of his crib (yes, I took down the pack'n'play, I promise) and putting him in bed beside me (where John was before his rude alarm goes off at 6 am). I usually have to feed him around 6 or 7, but then we sleep for just a little bit longer (today we slept until 9, until Grandma called and woke us up! It was heaven..) When Jack is ready to get out of bed he doesn't yell or screech or cry.. he sings! Or coos, or just talks to me. It is the best alarm clock in the world! Today was no exception, I just had to capture a little piece of his sweetness to share :) 

Perhaps I'll actually go buy some groceries tomorrow? Tonight we had homemade rice (when you marry an Asian, even if he's only 25%, you acquire a rice cooker, whether you want one or not) with red peppers and onions. We also munched on edamame. Just using what we have!

Now I just need to go cheer up a very sad and disappointed hubby after a terrible loss by our basketball team. 

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