Peas Please!

Well, it didn't happen until after 4 in the afternoon, but I finally went to the grocery store! There is a Kroger right across the street from us that I am not really "in love" with.. but I waited until too late in the day to trek over to Trader Joe's. I get irritated because I feel like I am paying more for produce that only comes in large quantities and will most likely go bad before John and I can eat all of it.. grr

Anywho - I made Jack some peas today. It is so easy to make baby food at home I don't really ever see myself being tempted to go to the jar.. I even took a look at some of the different options at the store today (out of curiosity). It is really shocking how much sugar there is in a lot of the foods, and even the so-called "organic" baby food is LOADED with sodium. No judgment on Mom's that do use jar food (I was a jar food baby and I turned out just fine!) but I really do love seeing the bright, fresh colors of the baby food I make and watching Jack enjoy the different textures and flavors! I also love tasting along with him.. I helped myself to a few spoonfuls of peas :)

Easy Pea Puree:

Now, I was given a Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker as a baby shower gift. It feels kind of unnecessary when I have a brand new food processor, but hey! It is convenient to have it do everything I need without having to get out (and clean) more than one appliance. 

I used frozen peas, but have used fresh peas too! I first steam 2 cups of peas with 1 cup of water

Once the peas were bright green and mushy, I put them into the food processor and pureed them!

I spooned two servings into a freezable container and put the rest in a bowl to use for the next couple days!

Jack is really good with the solids so I don't feel the need to "water down" any of his food. You can add formula, breast milk, or water to the peas to get the right consistency for your baby. The peas will stay good in your fridge for about 3 days, but when frozen can last for 3 months.

Jack loved them! 

Right now, when Jack is just getting his first tastes of everything, making the food is a relatively simple process (just one food, pureed, at a time) -the only thing I have been unable to master making on my own is the rice cereal.. Jack gags on my homemade attempts :/ So for now, I just use an organic, whole grain option that he seems to like!

Tomorrow I am getting a haircut.. I haven't done anything to my hair in a while so we will see how it goes. I am not too crazy when it comes to hair. It grows - so whatever happens I know it's not forever! I'm feeling pretty adventurous... John is terrified! He loves my (too) long hair, but I think it just makes me look even younger (sigh). It is also a pain when Jack grabs onto it with his baby death grip. I am so tempted to chop. it. off. I guess I will just decide tomorrow :)

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