Where Diets Go to Die.

So Friday didn't go as planned - yes I know, shocking. A friend/my old boss (I used to be her nanny) was in town for a trade show and decided to stop by in the morning for some coffee. It was great to see her and about midway through the visit I was surprised to see my husband walk through the front door! At first I got a little nervous, but he quickly explained that he had to do an online training course that the company's firewall wouldn't let him access. So he finished off his "work" day, training in bed, and I got a bonus weekend day with him home!

On Saturday I woke up early-ish, got myself and Jack all dressed and beautiful and drove to a mom's group "open house" at a local coffee shop in our new area. I was SO nervous. It felt like the first day of being in the dorms when you don't know anybody and you have to awkwardly try and introduce yourself. I was hoping that there would be a few mom's there relatively close to my age, but I was about 10 years younger than the majority of the women there (which was quickly pointed out by everyone there). I stuck it out for about an hour, making small talk over babies and whatnot. I'm honestly glad that I went - it was a good ice breaker for the next time I put myself into an uncomfortable situation. I also think that I am going to join the group. It is $30/year for a membership, and I would honestly pay $30 just to make one friend (pathetic, I know).

Saturday night we spontaneously decided to drive to our alma mater for a hockey game! I come from a relatively large family (two older sisters and a younger brother) and we are very close. My brother currently attends the university while my older sister works there. We were able to get up into the "club" so there was plenty of room for Jack to be walked around (as well as free food). Jack absolutely LOVED being at the game. He followed the players as they went up and down the ice and even fell asleep in my lap despite the very high noise level! 

Happy to see Aunt Megan!
Watching the game with Uncle Sean 
Asleep on Mommy!

Today was a lazy day spent at my sister's. My brother turned 21 this past Wednesday so we decided to make him a Sunday feast full of some of our mom's specialties: Pork Wellington and Carrot Cake (from scratch). After acquiring a Kitchenaid Mixer I have gotten a little too into baking (Pinterest is a lonely housewife's dream/nightmare). Today was a true challenge because I put my baking skills to the test, making my mother's famous carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, without my beloved mixer! Now I cannot post this recipe because it's top secret or something like that, but I will show the process via pictures!

Pork Wellington is one of the most delicious things you can ever eat if you are a meat and cheese lover and it's a relatively simple process:

Take pork tenderloin, butterfly it, and stuff it with Boursin cheese.
Wrap the tenderloin in pancetta and brown it in a frying pan.
Wrap the tenderloin/pancetta in puff pastry & add any desired design. 
Brush with an egg wash and bake for around 30 min.

My mom was out of town for the weekend so my dad drove to my sister's with our family dog, Riley. It was so nice to get to spend some time with at least part of my side of the family. Jack loved getting to see his Papa and his favorite black lab!

After reversing all the weight I lost this week by eating our fantastic meal, watching hours upon hours of football (I am not an NFL fan), and getting in as much family QT as possible, we headed home. John figured out that he has the day off tomorrow (Hello unexpected 4 day weekend!) so I am really looking forward to being able to grocery shop without the baby and maybe finish up my grad school applications?! I'm mainly happy that this awesome weekend with my hubby isn't over yet :)

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