Friends & 90's Sitcom Bangs

Getting out the door this morning was the epitome of a joke. I take blame because I thought I could get myself ready much quicker than I actually did. My hair. I slept in a sockbun hoping my hair would be wavy and cute.. no just frizzy and staticy and annoying. Ugh. So my sweet boy, dressed and ready to go watched his momma fuss more than he did. Sigh. When it was time to leave, of course Bubba was hungry. I figured it was better to be late for the library story time than to show up with a screaming demon child. We ended up being 15 min late. Oh well. There were 2 other mom's there with little boys that were about 3 months older than Jack. They were crawling and sitting up on their own - I can't believe how much will have changed in 3 months! After the singing and story time was over, there was about 30 min to socialize. These moms were NICE. I was so relieved. They knew each other already so I felt like the new kid but one offered to find me on facebook and let me know about their play dates. FRIENDS! I felt like I was so excited to be socializing with people that weren't John that I might have over done it with the talking, but oh well. Can't wait to go back next week!

Then it was haircut time. I should have known not to trust my husband's idea of a classy establishment. He is the friendliest human being on the face of the planet and makes friends with anyone and everyone he talks to. Any business that subs a "z" for an "s" is probably a red flag but hey, like I said, I don't get too nuts about my hair - it will grow! I ended up chopping off about 6 inches! I feel like it's healthier and looks ten times better. But I didn't leave the salon with these warm fuzzy feelings... I left the salon with round brushed bangs that came 2 inches off of my forehead and a zig zag part. Enough said. But once I got home, was able to redo my bangs and brush out/straighten my hair, I actually do like the change quite a bit!

Another month has come and gone and I cannot believe how much my Bubba has grown. My Aunt bought me these little stickers you put on your baby's onesies that say 1 month, 2 months, etc. on them from Etsy. There was a "Brand New" sticker, but I didn't know that/didn't have the brain space to check so I don't have a newborn pose, but I have been really good about taking his pictures each month! Today I took a look at all of his photos and I cannot believe how much he has grown!

I also finalllllly uploaded all my pictures from Christmas. I am so terrible about taking pictures. I guess I am an "in the moment" kind of person. I wish Christmas break didn't go by so fast. Our entire family hardly ever gets to be all together and so I feel like we were spoiled with John and I's wedding and then Christmas all 1 month apart! I miss everybody and cannot wait until we get to be under one roof again.

My soon-to-be brother-in-law Justin, my sister Erin, my brother Sean, my sister Megan, John, Me, and Jack!
This weekend John and I do not have much going on other than preparing for the big move! John is getting the keys tomorrow and my mom is coming on Monday to "help pack" when really she is just coming to see her grandson. But it will be nice to be able to show her the place/plan where everything will go before next Saturday. We are also trying to find a last minute babysitter so that John and I can possibly go out tomorrow night.. we'll see how that goes! But for now I am going to go snuggle with my husband and try to find a movie on Netflix - Happy Friday!

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KikiSay said...

LOVE the timelapse photo. He's getting so big.