Moving Sucks.

Cutest little sleeper-through-the-nighter EVER
We are moving on Saturday and I am living in the land of boxes. I am trying my best to get as much done during the day as I can, but Jack is so bored of all of his toys and not liking the cramped, non-rollable living space situation we have going on. He screams and screeches and just wants me to play with him! I can only fail to comply for so long before I am picking him up and covering him with kisses. He has been looking so out of this world cute lately.. I mean even cuter than normal! Maybe this is because he magically, RANDOMLY, started sleeping through the night. I awoke at 5:40 am on Wednesday morning and woke John up to ask him if he ever got up with the baby. When he groggily responded, "no" my response was a skeptical, "He slept through the night?". John didn't even respond, he pretty much just bolted out of bed to go check on Bubba - who was of course, soundly, happily asleep. I though it was most likely a fluke, but he did it again last night! Maybe he's figured it out? But I don't have my hopes up. It will just be a happy bonus when it happens. 

Ever since giving birth my core muscles are just gone. I'm hoping working out will help, but my back is constantly in pain if I try to do anything like stand for long periods, or you know, pack up our apartment. It doesn't help that I am constantly lifting a 20 some pound Bubba. I've just been trying to do little bits at a time. Take breaks, play with Jack, tackle some more. Today I had to organize all of the random bills, papers, folders, etc. absolutely PILED onto our desk. I attempted to organize it into piles but John and I MUST make a system so that we aren't left with a mess like this in the new place. 
Boxes, papers, folders, Bubba. Pure MADNESS
Last night we made the trip out to the new place to try and unpack the boxes John had brought the previous night. This resulted in John's parents coming over to check out the condo/take us out to dinner. We don't have much more time to get things done so I was feeling a little irritated over the interruption to our productivity, this led to me trying to rush around to get things done after dinner so we could get Jack home and into bed.. I ended up breaking one of the glass tops to a casserole dish and it SHATTERED all over the tile floor spilling out of the kitchen into the living room. UGH. With not so much as a broom at the new place we weren't really left with many options but to clean up the larger pieces and leave. John has kindly offered to go clean it up tonight with a newly purchased broom and our vacuum cleaner, but needless to say last night didn't end in feelings of marital bliss. 

I submitted another grad school app today. I think I said a five minute prayer before actually clicking the button. I wish I felt more relief but now the waiting game starts and I hate that just as much as the pressure to finish the applications. I just keep telling myself that all will be better in 2 months. I don't know why I have chosen the end of March as the goal period but it just seems like when everything will feel settled. We will be in the new place and it will feel like home. I will know what my plans are for next year. It will be getting warmer. John and I will have recovered from the financial costs of moving. Things will just be.. better. Not to say that things are "bad" right now - I'm just feeling like the craziness of the past year is sinking in and instead of going going going just to stay afloat I am able to reflect. I've gone through a lot. I don't give myself credit for that sometimes. I'm adjusting to a new life, one I didn't expect to have at this point. I'm adjusting all the plans and goals I had for myself. I'm someone's wife. I'm someone's MOTHER. 

Okay. Time to stop using blogging as an excuse not to pack. Here's hoping I can just get through these next couple of days! 

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