Silly Mommy, you can't make plans!

I am already a failure blogger! Here's the thing, I had PLANS for what I was going to do and blog about this week.. well silly me for thinking I could make plans! So starting with Jack's fever the week went downhill to the point where I can describe it with three things: Doctor's office, Tracy Anderson, diet ruining dinner.

Doctor's Office:
Checking things out at the doctor's office
After Jack's fever refused to go away and I had John set up the pack'n'play in our bedroom so I could basically have my face next to the baby's all night to make sure he was breathing (insert any and all crazy mom references here) I called the pediatrician first thing in the morning and was able to get the doctor's first appointment of the day at 10. Now I have had a theory that if you sign in so much as 2 min late for your appointment that you are are punished and forced to be in the waiting room for 20+ min and another 15 once your finally in an exam room. Being a self-proclaimed "slow" person, who is NEVER on time, this is a problem for me. But no, not this day! I rushed around, got both of us ready to go, and was 5 minutes EARLY! I signed in without an excuse of how hard it is to get out the door with the baby, and felt no shame in anything other than how badly I was huffing and puffing from lugging the baby in his car seat from the car to the office. I always think I'm going to be the hero, psh, I'm not a lazy mom, I can carry this car seat! Then I get to the Doctor's office and EVERY mom there has her baby in the stroller... Upon finding out that Jack is now a whopping 19 POUNDS, I will be taking the stroller route from now on. Anywho - the whole EARLY thing, made no difference. I still waited for 15 minutes. Sigh. My pediatrician is fabulous though so I suppose it is worth it. She could not find any outward reasons for the fever, but she wanted to "cover all the bases" just in case. If only I had known what this meant I would have taken Jack, ditched the car seat, and ran! My poor little boy had to have a urine sample and blood sample taken... no big deal right? WRONG! I understand that parents go through far more traumatic things with their children every day and all the power to them because I could barely get through Jack's first round of immunizations without crying with him... So in come these nurses who ask me to HOLD DOWN HIS ARMS as they inserted a catheter for the urine sample.. then I had to lug him down to the lab (at this point, I am the picture of a hot mess. Sweating, coat and diaper bag sloppily shoved into the carseat while I'm trying to hold a very unhappy Jack and sign myself in and whatnot). I was expecting him to have his heal pricked for the blood sample, just because we went through that horror every day of his first week of life (adventures in jaundice). But no, my poor little guy had a needle stuck into his vein in his arm and I had to HOLD HIM. I was horrified. After loading him into his carseat where he instantly fell asleep, I was 2 seconds away from just dragging his carseat across the parking lot, I finally made it to the car and IMMEDIATELY started crying. Pulled myself together, and called my mom (standard protocol). All the tests came back normal, only indicating that Jack has a virus (thank GOD) but we still had to go back, AGAIN, the next day. I appreciate my pediatricians thoroughness, I really do, but after our traumatic Monday, neither of us wanted to go back. I had the good sense to ditch the car seat all together (despite the disapproving eyes of the old women on the elevator, it was the best choice) and carry my sweet potato in. I was early, again, and this time barely had to wait... this was a blessing because while I love the seperate sick and well waiting rooms when Jack is "well", I do not appreciate him having to wait next to the very adorable 3-year-old with chicken pox when he is "sick". We got the "all clear" and I will be happy not to return until his 6-month check-up!

Tracy Anderson:
The TAM package
As I mentioned before, I started the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program on Monday. Ok, I know I was motivated and all that, but I feel way in over my head with this one! I can barely get through the cardio or the muscular structure work, and what I can do does not look pretty! Jack sits in his little Bumbo chair staring at me like, "WTF are you doing Mommy?" But besides the EXTREMELY difficult work outs.. there is the diet. Now the first week of Tracy's meal plan she calls a "Nutrient Boost Week". I was prepared for this, but I just didn't know how hard it was going to be! So I bought my juicer, and got out my shiny new food processor (wedding gifts are so fun) and set out Monday to prepare my meals for the week (This took all day, and I would go into detail but the horror and frustration are still too fresh) I start out my day with what Tracy calls "Power Juice", more like "HELL JUICE". It's kale, spinach, beet root, and half an apple. It tastes like death in a glass... then throughout the day I eat 6 mini meals - Blueberry Applesauce, Sweet Potato & Corn puree, Carrot Parsnip puree, Gazpacho, Chicken Soup with carrots and celery, & Chocolate Pudding. I'll break it down - the applesauce is okay, but really tart... probably something I will make for Jack one day while I deprive him of the processed Mott's that all his friends eat. The sweet potato is bad because of the corn, and the carrot parsnip business (which turns out is more like carrot turnip because I grabbed the wrong thing at the grocery store.. pointed out to me by my husband - who eats parsnips anyway?! How am I supposed to know what they look like?) is okay, but both of these dishes I take one bite of and in turn give a bite to jack, that is saying something! The Gazpacho is too parsley-ey and I end up taking two bites then giving it to John, the soup is great because it is the first time I chew all day, but there is only about 2 pieces of chicken in it, and finally, THE CHOCOLATE PUDDING! It is so delicious I basically lick my little tupperware portion control bowl when I am done, I am not ashamed. All-in-all, this week of the meal plan sucks and I cannot wait until Monday, but I have already lost 2.5 pounds (even after cheating last night...)
Jack watching Mommy work out.. so confused
The dreaded juice, the blueberry applesauce, and some tea (I miss coffee)

Diet Ruining Dinner:
I had forgotten that we had made loose plans to get dinner with John's Aunt & Uncle "sometime soon". So after refusing to eat anything all day except the applesauce I got a call from my handsome hubby on his way home from work that his Aunt wanted to meet up for dinner. After contemplating cheating on my diet for all of 2 seconds I agreed. Jack had an awesome day yesterday where he took a 3 hour morning nap and 1 hour afternoon nap, he was in a spectacularly cute mood and I was excited to get out of the house! Problem #1.. Jack is so large he has now grown out of all of his 6-month clothing, I'm left with very limited 9-month options (so depressing to me because he's not even 5-months yet). I am not really a fan of all the clothes that have little cheesy sayings on them.. but I have had to get over it because that is all people seem to want to buy! After settling on a particularly corny "Bananas Over Mommy" onesie and pants (complete with Monkey feet) and shoving him into his fleece, John arrived home to tell me we were going to the No.VI Chop House (problem #2) - which is a really nice restaurant.. Ugh. We got there before Aunt D and Uncle C and Jack's presence was not warmly received. Here we are in this booshy, dimly lit restaurant full of business men and 50-somethings, with a baby who thinks it is fun to screech and blow spit bubbles. Despite Jack's inappropriate dress & demeanor, we had a fantastic meal, some wonderful wine, and it was great to see some family! I went into dinner with the resolve to get a salad with only veggies and side of vinaigrette... well they only offered side salads to go with the entrees, and I thought it would be rude (notice my reasoning) to only order a side salad! I enjoyed a delicious Grilled Atlantic Salmon.. and still lost 1/2 a pound when I stepped on the scale this morning! Success!
My handsome boys.
John and I found out that we got the condo we've been looking into, so we will be moving in 3 weeks! I could not be more excited (the kitchen is 10x nicer than the one I TRY to work with now)! I also had the foresight to look into what sort of community events they have in our new area (about 20 min away from where we are now). Turns out they also offer an Infant Story Time on Friday. So although I couldn't make it to the one I PLANNED to go to on Monday - hopefully nothing will happen to keep me from going tomorrow... But I learned my lesson in thinking I could make concrete plans...

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