1 Million Pictures of Jack with a Chocolate Cake.

We spent this past weekend at the lake. 
On Sunday we celebrated Jack's birthday with my side of the family and some friends!

About 6 months ago, I was all about throwing Jack a huge party. 
In reality- it would have resulted in the loss of my mind. 

Between starting school & getting ready for my sister's wedding
(not to mention just getting home from vacation a week ago)
a small family affair was just what the doctor ordered!

We still kept up a sailor theme. 
I made invitations to be sent to family/friends via email. 
My mom made a smash cake, cupcakes, & a banner. 

Unfortunately we had to move the party inside due to rain, but it was a great time!
Jack wasn't complaining either... homeboy loves him some chocolate cake. 

The festivities included a visit from my college bestie, 
live video chats with Aunt E while eating cake, 
and sliming mama with chocolate frosting. 

Enjoy one million pictures :) 

He may look sleepy after all of that cake... but lets talk about a baby that eats large amounts of processed sugar for the first time. Up all night. 


Katie said...

LOVE the last picture! that boy sure liked his chocolate :)

Chrissy Jordan said...

Adorable little man! He looks like one happy fella. I found you via the Blog Hop, can't wait to get to know you. :)

Rachel said...

Aww, you have to get those classic 1 year old with a messy cake face pictures! Happy birthday to your little boy!

Ashlee Christopher said...

Excited to be your newest follower with GFC!

Julie Rogers said...

I love it---it looks like the perfect first birthday!!!


Natalie said...

What a cute birthday theme! Looks like he really enjoyed his cake.

Kristen said...

i'm not really one for cake but that cake looks quite delicious!!