Catching Up

Let's catch up. 

It's been a while since I have been on this blog in real time. 
And thanks to my inability to find the motivation to upload pictures last night, here I am!

Soooooo.... where to begin?!
Saturday night around 1 am, John and I arrived home from our 8 day vacation! 
It was fantastic and I cannot wait to load this blog down with pictures tomorrow & Thursday.

Sunday I was reunited with my baby boy. 
He is sporting a brand new haircut and looks like he is about to start high school.
It was not his first haircut, but it was definitely drastic, and DEFINITELY necessary!

He gave me so many sweet snuggles it was enough to make my heart sing. 
That baby doesn't snuggle. 
So those sweet little love hugs said everything - he missed me! 
Am I weird in the fact that I had a deep fear that he wouldn't?! 

Bubba had a great time with my parents (Baba & Dee Dee) 
But we were happy to get him home,
and they were happy to give him to us :) 
We will be back their way over the weekend for a party at the lake!

Yesterday, Jack turned one.
We had a semi normal day of unpacking, laundry, & grocery shopping. 
Oh yeah, party time!
But headed out to John's parents for a really nice dinner party in Jack's honor. 

I am not sure if Jack was able to appreciate the three course meal, 
but I know he liked the tiny sliver of cake he received after presents....
just prepping for that smash cake on Sunday!

Tomorrow starts day one of orientation hell for this girl. 
I cannot wait to start school... but wish I could skip all of the orientating. 
I have ZERO desire to drop Jack off at the babysitter.
I fear he will never forgive me for leaving him again so soon! 

To cap off this "catch up" I will leave you with plenty of birthday pictures 
Leave me alone, I'm lazy. 

John's parents found his old tricycle and brought it upstairs to show him. Jack claimed it as his own and was pushing it around all night
It was far past bedtime by cake & present time. So someone was snuggling with Mama when we sang "Happy Birthday"
 He was so good at opening presents... clearly takes after his mother.
 So, like the rest of the universe, Jack is a fan of buttercream frosting. No lie, he was trying to lick it off of his high chair tray. 


Sarah Lynn said...

So cute!! Happy Birthday to Jack :)

Sarah Keck said...

Seriously, he is growing up so fast! He LOOKS older than even a month ago!!!

Faye Kent said...

Newest follower via the gfc blog hop :) look forward to reading more of your posts.


Mindy Harris said...

found u thru the GFC follower hop at naptime review and now follow thru GFC! love the coral necklace.

Allyson Butler said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!
On a totally different note - I feel you on the orientation stuff. I've got it all week. Not fun.

menopausal mama said...

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Mom of A and a said...

Happy birthday to the birthday boy! And, best of luck to you for your first day!

Mish Lovin' Life said...

aww, 1st bday parties are just the best...cute! :)


THE mom said...

Aww happy 1st birthday to sweet jack!!!

I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop :-)


Ashleigh Nichole said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Such cute photos!

Andie said...

Happy Birthday Jack!