Marriage Talk.

Hello Kayla's readers! Isn't she fabulous!? And that Jack! He's just the cutest fella in the world!

My name is Sarah and while Kay and John are off on their honeymoon, I volunteered to do a guest post to give the newlywed perspective of taking time for relationships and marriages.

My husband, Andrew, and I have been married for a year.
He's really just the best! 
We don't have any kids yet, so both of us are pretty focused on our jobs right now and where those might take us in the future.

We love the movies. We love everything about them and so we blog about them! Our movie review blog is one of our favorite things to do together, but it does feel more like a job. Plus, movies require you to be silent. So we make time for each other in a number of different ways.

We make it an important part of our day to sit and look at each other and ask about each other's day. Just asking this simple little question has helped keep the lines of communication open. It is so easy to just come home from work, exhausted, and just shut off for the night. Being married doesn't allow you to have that luxury every day.

We also like to go out to dinner, and have "date nights." Sometimes this includes a movie to add to our ever-growing blog, but it always includes a phone-free zone at dinner. We have some of our best talks over dinner. We dream a little about our future, where we want to see ourselves in five years, or just enjoy our very comfortable silence. We take the random road trip every once in a while, too, so that's another great opportunity to just sit and chat or jam out to the music. Strangely enough, we still enjoy each other's company!

Taking time for your relationship is so important. We have found that communicating is the key to keeping us on the same page. So to wrap it up, I'm going to share with you some pictures of our adventures!
Hitting the road for our Honeymoon to Vermont!
Visiting Rhode Island in the fog.
Celebrating at Kay and John's Wedding
1st Christmas in the Big Apple 
Connecticut Hot Dog Tour for Andrew's 25th
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