Vacation Part II

If you missed Part I you can read it here!

On Tuesday morning of vacation we woke up relatively early, took a cab to the airport and picked up our rental car. 
We then drove 1.5 hours to Anacortes, WA to get on a ferry. 
This was cool. 
How often do you get to drive your car onto a boat?! 

We took the one hour ferry ride over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. 
It is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to! 

There we had a bed and breakfast booked. 
Neither of us have ever stayed at a b & b before. 
Lets just say, I don't think it's our scene. 

We pulled up to a BRIGHT yellow farm house that was COVERED in knick knacks. 
I mean inside and OUT. 
Cat figurines? Yup. 
Fairies? Yup. 
Creepy stuffed animals on the furniture overlooking your bed? Yup. 

If it wasn't for the SPETACULAR VIEW BEYOND WORDS, our accommodations would have been a bust.  

Now, we didn't choose this b & b, it was recommended to us. 
John almost cried when he found out it was a vegetarian establishment. 

This led to shameful behavior like:
Sneaking a supreme pizza into our room and being too scared to throw it away, therefore smuggling the remains back to the car...
Completely normal. 

Also, the whole communal breakfast thing...
Okay, maybe it's fine if you are similar to the other guests, 
but John and I were clearly not the "normal" Friday Harbor visitors. 

A) We don't get SUPER into outdoorsy activities, they are fine and fun on occasion but defnitely not a hobby (i.e. hiking, biking, kayaking)
B) We don't wear outdoorsy shoes. 
C) We rented a SUV instead of Prius
D) I (GASP!) wore makeup... homegirl needs a little tinted moisturizer! 

This led to awkward table conversations. 
Like, the inn keepers telling me that their connection with their pets is as strong as a parent/child connection and that their, wait for it, PET PSYCHIC, is really helpful in helping them all to communicate. 

Other than our adventures in b & b life, we enjoyed a very sweaty hike to the beach, lots of beers, food at pretty much every restaurant on the island, pretty drives, early morning trips to the beach, a whale watching tour, and lots and lots of pretty views! 

We started our journey home (that spanned across 2 days) on Friday morning, and I was actually sad to leave the island.

Other than our... crunchy accommodations, it was a truly amazing place to relax, read, and hang with my husband! 

Enjoy 8,000 pictures... okay, more like 25ish, but still...

Wale watching pictures via.


Laura said...

It does look beautiful there. Have a good day!

Sarah Lynn said...

Soo pretty!! Glad you guys still enjoyed your time even with the b&b awkwardness. :)

Charlie's Mommy said...

Gorgeous pictures! It amazes me that you had to wear a jacket in August. It's hot here in Jacksonville, FL! I also had to laugh about your B&B experience. I work with a man who is from Seattle and I have always thought that he was little off or different. Have you ever watched the show Portlandia?

Niki said...

I just love the whale shots! So cool. Looks like a great time.

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures!

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Jessica @ At Home Take 2