Vacation Part I

John and I spent last week on an 8 day, 2 part vacation. I am going to try not to overload posts with TOO many pictures... So I am splitting my recap into two days!

The first part of our Vacation, Friday night-Tuesday morning, was spent in Seattle! 
John was born in Seattle and lived there until he was 7. 
His parents met at UW, where they were both studying for their PhD. 
I have never been to the Pacific North West & John has a terrible memory, so we were more or less in a completely unfamiliar place.

This was good and bad. John and I had fun exploring together. 
But we aren't really "city people", so we basically figured out how to go to one place and just went there. 

Saturday was spent exploring the market! We woke up early but felt well rested and ready to go.
(Thank you 3 hour time difference!) 
We were able to walk around in peace, as there weren't many people out and about just yet!
We enjoyed a few cups of coffee (duh)
A spectacular breakfast (I want it again, right now!)
And the general splendor that is Pike's Place.
We also made our way down to the pier and enjoyed the beautiful views!

Saturday night we made our way back to the pier & had a fantastic meal at Elliot's Oyster House. 
This might have been the best meal we had the whole trip!

From the oysters to my fresh market halibut on parmesan polenta,
everything about that meal was heaven. 
Including the company :) 

On Sunday, John's uncle picked us up and drove us out to the "suburbs" for a hike & dinner. 
It was nice to get out of the city and enjoy the outdoors, 
although we brought the heat with us and spent our whole vacation in a Washington heat wave!

John has two cousins that are younger (5 years and 21 months) so it was also nice to get in a baby fix! We talked late and learned some awesome family history from John's uncle. 

Monday, our last day in the city, John had a good friend come up from Portland. 
We decided to have our own little bar crawl. 
Let's discuss how well this went for me...
In bed by 8:30 PM friends. Like a champion. 
I blame it on the shot of Underberg... it's like Jager, but worse! 

Sorry this got a little long, but I wanted to make sure I properly documented everything for my future self! Check back in tomorrow for a recap on my favorite part of vacation :) 


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great trip! I've wanted to visit Seattle for a long time so I really enjoyed the pictures and hearing about what you did!

Britt said...


and? me and the hubs are currently planning our vacation/honeymoon... two years later... just like you! YAY!

Gina said...

I LOVE Seattle! Looks like you guys had a great time :) You took some really cool pics too, love the coffee one "so Seattle" :)

Mrs. Baker said...

love the pics! looks like a great time :)


Dara said...

it looks great! I was in seattle once for a day and liked it, would love to go back.

Alisa Marie said...

Looks like a great vacay! I've never been to Seattle... Looks like you guys had fun. Stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop!

XOXO - AlisaMarie

Jessica said...

I need a Seattle vacation! I love that market. Haven't been since 98.. yes, I'm dating myself. Lol. Way back in my days before kids. Fun times.