Tids + Bits

+Thank you for the sweet comments on yesterday's post. I am so excited about this new adventure, and I am encouraged now to share it with all of you... I wasn't sure how the transition from a "mommy blog" to a "lifestyle blog" would go, but I am happy to know that at least some of you are interested in this new chapter we are opening!

+My first day of classes was fantastic and I am feeling so positive and reassured about the program I have chosen. The professors were engaged and really excited, and the others students are just as thrilled to be there as I am! 

+I think I have had more social interaction (outside of family) in the last two days than I have in the past year. It has been so nice to meet new people, have adult conversations, and not feel judged by. That last bit might seem weird, but after trying to make "mom friends", this is actually something I won't ever take for granted again!

+Jack is doing SO great at the babysitter. I know I made the right choice. She texts me mini updates 1-2 times a day, Jack LOVES playing with the other kids, & homegirl even CLIPPED ME COUPONS she thought I could use... sold.

+John is super dad. But really... He has taken on his new "responsibilities" like a champ and hasn't complained once. I don't get home until around 7 and he has dinner going, Jack happy, and pretty much takes over since I am EXHAUSTED and still have chores to do. I seriously cannot even talk about how much his willingness to adjust our lifestyle means to me. I think he just has his eye on the prize... dual income. 

+We are currently trying to get Jack off of the bottle and phase one of this process involves separating the bottle from sleep time. Usually we just give him a bottle when he goes down and that's how he soothes himself off to sleep... this is bad for our goal. So we have been giving him his bottle before bed and put a pillow down for him to lay on while he drinks it. This has led to the hysterical habit of him either telling us he's ready for a bottle/nap by laying down on his pillow, or running over to the pillow and launching himself onto it when he sees a bottle. Such a smart little man!

+Tomorrow is the first tailgate of the season and I could not be more excited! Go State!


Sarah Keck said...

So excited to follow along! It's going to be quite the journey!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Clipped coupons for you?! Right choice indeed!!!!

Megan B.B. said...

I'm glad you're transitioning well! Is it a one, or two year program? My sister got her MSW from Wayne State, and I want to say it was one year? Then she went and worked for CPS in Lapeer after her internship.
(She lives in CA. now though)
Are you still giving Jack formula, or is he on a bottle of cow's milk? I'm wondering how you made that transition, if you did. :)
Also, I'm sorry that you had a negative experience making "mom friends." We are not ALL bishes :)
Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com