Cute Shirt for a Cute (Sometimes Scary) Baby

When the ladies over at The Chirping Moms sent over this ADORABLE handmade shirt for Jack,  I was beyond excited! 
I mean, how cute is it?! 
I especially love the sailboat. It's perfect for chilly nights up at the lake! 

Head over to the Chirping Moms blog to see a tutorial on how to make your own, and even enter a giveaway to win one for you sweet little one! 

Also... When I conducted this little photo shoot, Jack was just toddling about. I mean I was just snapping away when Bubba lost his footing and started to go down. I caught this precious gem of an action shot. He wasn't screaming, crying, or yelling. He was just falling and this is the face that my gorgeous little baby boy made. 
Nightmares. Forever. 


Tiffany said...

oh my gosh! They made that?! I love it! Aren't they seriously just so sweet?

Kenzie Smith said...

That was so sweet of them to send that shirt to you - it is so adorable! Love the pictures :D That last one had me laughing pretty hard haha. My two year old was walking around like a zombie yesterday with his arms straight out and 'hobbling' a little bit. Kids are so fun!

You should totally swing by and check out my giveaway:


Shelley said...

Hahahaha that picture is priceless!! Love the shirt too!

Julie Rogers said...

YEAH----Thanks for your sweet post!! And it really does look adorable on him---hope you love it:)