A Glimpse Into Our Thanksgiving

Two weeks later and I am already missing all of my family. 
We had so much fun together over Thanksgiving, and I could not be more grateful for my family! 

My gorgeous cousin Libby was kind enough to send me a few picture filled emails 
so I could document a few of the memories :) 

The weather was pretty spectacular the whole trip. 
Thanksgiving itself was a perfect day for sitting outside by the fire with chunky sweaters and scarves. 

When it was time for dinner my Aunts and Mom and had turned the basement of my Aunt and Uncles house into what looked like a gorgeous reception!
There were round tables with festive centerpieces. 
We ate, drank A LOT of wine, and enjoyed one another. 

After we had all settled in with our meals we went around the room 
and shared what we were thankful for.
There were tears.
We are Irish after all..
And plenty of laughter!

It was Jack's FIRST  O'Connor Thanksgiving and it was so much fun!
He loved playing with all of his cousins and was the star of the show
per usual.

It was a wonderful celebration and I could not ask for anything more!
Mom & Seester
My parents are THE CUTEST.
Broseph & "not so" Little Johnny (he was the baby before Jack came along!)
Papa & (some of) his grandkids!
My heart is melting...
These love birds are next in line for the alter!! Cannot wait for May :)
The newlyweds


Helene said...

looks like a fabulous time with the family!! love the pictures. and the newlyweds espcially.

Ashley said...

what a great time it looked like!!

e. said...

Love this!

Melinda said...

You have such a lovely family- looks like you had an awesome time!