It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Not gonna lie, I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit a whole lot this year. 

Blame it on school.
Blame it on the unseasonably warm Michigan weather, or the lack of snow. 
Blame it on how crazy busy our family has been as of late. 

I don't know what it is, but it has just NOT been hitting me. 

Last weekend, I had had enough!

I begged John to accompany Jack and I to the craft store/Home Depot. 
We loaded our shopping cart with garlands & wreaths. 
We purchased our SECOND fake Christmas tree. 
We lugged boxes labelled "Christmas" and "Fragile" up from the basement. 

Within an hour we had transformed our home into a warm and inviting Christmas wonderland. 
We reminisced over our Christmas tree from the year before (a HOT MESS)
I gushed over the lovely ornaments that were given to us as wedding gifts. 
We said "no" 1 million times when Jack's curious fingers tried to grab at fragile bulbs!
Our condo has never felt more "homey".

And while I cannot say I am in full-on "Christmas Mode" just yet...
Coming home long past the sun has gone down, 
and walking up to my festive front door with the Christmas tree glowing in the front window, 
I am ready for this season of giving and loving and sharing. 



Nichole said...

Looking pretty festive to me!

Maria Lipkin said...

Very Pretty! :)
I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit either. It might also be because It's been 80 degrees here. But I can't complain, as I'm not a fan of the cold weather.

Southern Wifey said...

i love coming home to a lit christmas tree in the window! :)
the sweet life of a southern wife

Helene said...

I love it!! I am not feeling very christmas-y either.

Anonymous said...

Love it! :)

la petite lulu said...

Your tree looks great! Very festive :) I have to admit, it has taken me awhile to get into the spirit this year as well, it's our first Christmas with our son away from family.

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

Christmas is my absolute fave! Very pretty pics here :) By the way, just found your blog from Neely's page! Your blog is super cute, your are simply beautiful, and your family just looks so perfect :) I'm super excited to be following along now and reading more posts from you!