If you came to my house today...

...most likely, every pillow and blanket in the house would be piled in the middle of the living room floor and Jack would probably be throwing a temper tantrum because we asked him not to smack me in the face with a plastic choo choo train. You would have to watch your step, or a toy could trip, stab, or bruise you. 

You would be lucky if Jack was wearing pants and EXTRA lucky if anyone had bathed in the last 24 hours. There would be lots of drool, a few boogers, and plenty of laughter. 

Life around here lately is more "bumps in the road" than "rainbows & butterflies". It's one of those times where I could easily wallow and feel sorry for myself. I could see only negative and give into doubt, stress, and worry. 

But I still feel grateful. 

I have a husband who loves me,
a beautiful little boy that is bursting with personality, love, and curiosity,
supportive parents, best friends for siblings... the list goes on. 

After last week's tragic events I cannot help but hug my Bubba closer & pray for healing. Healing for those who lost the lives of their loved ones, healing for our country, healing for those struggling with mental illness... 

I refuse to believe that there is no good left in this world, I refuse to let go of hope that tomorrow will be better, and I refuse to live and raise my son in fear. 

We cannot control those around us, we can only control ourselves. I, for one, will work hard every day to be a good person and to raise my children to be good people. That is all we can do after all...

Tragedy happens each day. 

Sometimes it's overt and unthinkable. 
Sometimes it's small & personal. 

We all have our battles and our bumps in the road. 
My heart goes to those struggling with tragedy, today and every day. 

But we cannot lose faith in the good. 
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Melanie said...

I love this post. All so true. We need to never lose faith. Ever.

I just found you from your feature on Neely's blog. I can't wait to keep you with you and your life! I love your personality. I'm also one of Neely's sponsors this month. I hope you'll pop over to my blog and say hello!


Allie said...

So true!!! I needed that!!! As a teacher I have been consumed with what I view as "loopholes" in security, but God is bigger than my fears!!!

Tara said...

Love and admire your strength. This is one of the many reasons why we are besties! Xo

Kelley Rice said...

Kayla I found your blog! I love it, you are absolutely adorable! Its so nice to see your cute family. I am thinking of making a blog for teaching, I will let you know :) Happy Holidays!!