Doing it Right

**What do you think of Life After's new look?! I would love some feedback :)**

As most of my readers know, my family and I? We don't really spend a lot of weekends at home. We are either at the lake house during the summer, tailgating for Spartan football in the fall, or traveling around for the holidays. But now, we are in "home season". We nestle in for a long winter of weekends spent inside our cozy condo for three. 

This weekend we kicked off the season and we kicked it off right. Things like 60 degree weather and happy little boys make that much easier. 

On Friday I was able to run and do some errands on my own, baby free. Those coveted hours alone were spent at the eye dr, at LOFT, and at the salon. I asked for the random hair dresser I was paired with to cut my hair like this:

I literally BROUGHT this picture in and showed it to her..  It didn't matter. I said goodbye to 10 inches of my hair on Friday. I only prepared to let go of 6, but hey, it's hair and it will grow. 

I'm sure I will be used to it by the end of the week, but I haven't had my hair this short in something like 8 years! My husband is still in shock. Poor man. He loves loved my long long hair. 

Saturday was spent taking a walk to the local park and chasing Jack around. That little boy could not have been happier. I was pretty much in awe of his "big"ness. I could remember sitting in that park just a year prior excited for the day Bubba was big enough to hold his own on the different play structures. Although that day has arrived I am so bittersweet over this whole "growing" thing. I want to hold on to every last baby moment he has, though they are now few and far between!

Lunch from our favorite local bistro, a three hour nap filled with blog design and relaxation, & total organization of our closet, the hall closet, and my school station completed the perfect day. 

Sunday was for homework, setting up forgotten Christmas toys, & building pillow nests in the living room.

John and I went out to celebrate with his Aunt & Uncle, leaving Jack at the babysitter for the evening. We enjoyed a fantastic steak dinner, wine, and good company. We capped off the evening with snuggles from a little boy in footie pajamas and Downton Abbey.

How is it Monday already? 

If this past weekend was any indicator of "home season" I am looking forward to hunkering down on home base.
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Rachel said...

I love the new design! Seriously, it looks great! It's a bummer about the haircut, though. That's why my goal as a hairdresser is to always listen and make sure I really know what clients want--I hear way too many horror stories of bad haircuts so I'd rather act dumb and ask a lot of clarifying questions than just start chopping!

Cheltee T. said...

I love your new blog look, its very colorful and organized.I need to get mine looking professional and fun. :)
Your little boy is adorable and the new hair cut looks wonderful on you, but hair of course grows and you will have it where you want it in no time.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of the blog and your hair!!! I recently cut 7 inches off my hair and cried the whole drive home. Now that I've had it for about a 2 weeks I'm feeling a lot better and actually like it this way. The hubby is still trying to get used to it (not sure he's a fan). Happy monday :-)

aimymichelle said...

Your hair looks great!