With motherhood come a lot of givens. You deal with poop, puke, and drool. There are sleepless nights, sleepless days, and over-all "mommy fails". 

I gladly take on most of these mommy "badges of honor". There are so many things that you sacrifice as a parent and I happily make those sacrifices, most of the time. 

But one thing I am not ready to sacrifice? My automobile. 

I have said since the beginning of time that I will not be a minivan mom. Blame it on the minivan of my youth, with stale french fries and sunny-d soaked interior. Blame it on the memory of my mom and her sisters singing, "I'm Too Sexy for my Van" at a family reunion talent show. Blame it on the summer I spent as a nanny, toting 3 kids around in a minivan. Whatever it is, they are not for me. 

But this whole "minivan" assumption that comes with motherhood? I don't think it's fair! I understand that they are convenient, efficient, and easy. But can't an SUV be those things too?

John and I John is looking into new cars. We want something bigger that can accommodate all of our travel and the potential for a future expansion of the family. So an SUV it is! I am pretty excited... not going to lie! 

So the other weekend we went to test drive one of these:

Sexy right?! 

So Jack and I hung out in the warmth of the dealership while John walked around the lot. I was minding my own business when a 20 year old salesman walked up to me, introduced himself, and asked if I would like to take a look at some minivans.

Is this just assumed? I am 23 years old and because I have ONE child it's time to jump right into a Town & Country? I honestly have nothing against people who do decide that minivans are for them. Heck, I even get it! But I'm just not ready yet... maybe I will never be ready. 

But why does it have to be assumed?! I feel so stereotyped... 
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K said...

First of all, I totally agree on the whole minivan thing. An SUV can do the same thing. I've got a Tahoe and LOVE it. Seconds, car salesmen are stereotyping jerks. I went to get my car fixed and was watching a cool western movie in their waiting room. A guy walked in, apologized for the movie, and turned on "The Princess Diaries" I was so mad!!!

Stacy said...

Someone needs to teach him how NOT to blow a sale lol! I am kind of anti- minivan too, but they tend to be cheaper than SUV's (comparing ones that hold the same amount of people) so I think my future is doomed.

Shannon said...

I refuse to drive a minivan. I would love an SUV however I also have an hour long commute to and from work so the gas would kill me if I had anything bigger than my current car :(

Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

I have a small SUV (RAV 4) and love it. I always said I would NEVER drive a mini-van...but, we rented a Toyota Sienna for a trip we took. I LOVED THAT MINI-VAN!! I can say I don't like any other mini-vans on the market, but the Sienna was amazing and SOOO comfortable. I just can't afford the price tag.

Kenzie Smith said...

I'm on the anti-van bandwagon too. You won't get me anywhere near a van! SUV's are where it's at! I love Jeep Grand Cherokees - we've owned three :D One of my favorite SUV's right now is a 2008 Ford Explorer, they are so comfortable and easy to drive.

Holly said...

Hi, i'm a new follower from the GFC hop.
This made me LOL. Similar situation happened when we purchased my car after my daughter was born. I will never drive a mini van. Ever.


Teresa said...

I hope you laughed at that salesman! (:

Lauren said...

OMG! SAME! We just bought a Honda Pilot (highly recommend, btw...3rd row fold down seat = amazing for expanding families, guests, etc. and it drives like a beast!) and before buying it, EVERYONE, including the salesmen were all "you really might want to try a van! convenient, kids can get in and out easily, blah blah blah." Umm, no. I, too, have exactly the same memories as you being a kid in a minivan...and no thank you. Its for some, but definitely not for me, not now anyway. I'm 26, not quite ready for that... happy shopping!!!

Rachel said...

I actually love compact cars....I hope our family always fits in one. Most likely it won't. But the first car I ever drove after getting my permit was my family's 15 passenger van....and I just hate driving anything big now!

Erin De Young said...

I've always wanted an SUV! I never want to be a minivan mom!!

Amber Cease said...

We have a 2 1/2 yr. old and 10 month old... I refuse to get a minivan... I am 25 years old, I just can't do it... so we ended up getting a Toyota Rav4 with a third-row seat option. Works for me! ;)

Victoriaaa said...

I am the same, currently our family car is big enough but if we have another id have to upsize. To a 4x4 not a minivan.. i just couldnt bring myself to do it!